cPanel Administration Crash Course for Beginners 2023

Are you a fresher who is interested in WordPress web development? or Are you getting started with WordPress web development? or Are you an existing WordPress web developer with minimal experience? Then I would like to suggest you get a thorough knowledge of how a Cpanel account must be managed. wondering why? Because in the world of WordPress web development, Though one can build their websites locally on their PC, they need to host it on hosting servers for general people to access it. Therefore this signifies the importance of learning to manage your web hosting server using a human-friendly web-based interface. And this course teaches you all the important concepts of cPanel Administration not just theoretically but implementing practically leaving the least chances of getting stuck administering the cPanel account when you implement it on your own. what are you waiting for? Get started now!

The crucial aspect of managing the WordPress Web Development project like a pro is being able to Manage your or your client’s Cpanel Account. Under which you will be able to:

  1. Manage Files in File manager
  2. Create and Manage Email Accounts
  3. Create and Manage FTP Accounts
  4. Set-up Subdomains
  5. Setup 301 & 302 redirections
  6. Create Database users and assign roles
  7. Increase Max Upload limit
What you’ll learn
  1. You will learn to use the cPanel File manager
  2. You will be able to upgrade and downgrade PHP Versions
  3. You will be able to manage and create Email accounts from Cpanel
  4. You will learn to Setup 301 & 302 Redirections
  5. You will learn to Create and manage FTP accounts from Cpanel
  6. You will be able to Set up Subdomains inside Cpanel
  7. You will learn to create MySQL users and assign users
  8. You will be able to increase Max Upload and Max Execution Limit
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  1. Laptop/PC with a normal Internet connection to watch and practice the course content
Who this course is for:
  1. Freshers who are getting started with web development as their career
  2. For the wordpress web development Professional seeking in-depth knowledge of building a wordpress website
  3. Freelancers who wants to Manage Multiple wordpress web development projects Completely on their own.
  4. Anyone interested in wordpress web development and complete Cpanel Administration

Introduction to the course

cPanel Crash Course – Intro
2 Min
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1 Min
Elementor Pro Activation Process
1 Min

cPanel Administration

How to login cPanel
6 Min
Learn to manage File Manager
13 Min
How to upgrade/downgrade PHP Versions
4 Min
Create and Manage E-Mail Accounts from cPanel
9 Min
Create and Manage FTP Accounts from cPanel
7 Min
How to setup 301 & 302 Redirections
11 Min
Learn to setup Sub-domain inside cPanel
12 Min
Create MySQL users and assign users
5 Min
Increase Max Upload
10 Min

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Enrolled: 2013 students
Lectures: 12
Video: 1 hr 19 Min
Level: Intermediate
cPanel Administration Crash Course for Beginners 2023