Domain & Hosting Fundamentals for Beginners [2023]


Hi there, if you are an entrepreneur, a web developer, or a fresher just starting out with an online business but have no idea how and where to get started or how domain and hosting work for web development? then this course is for you.

In this course, We understand from basics of what a domain is and how it works along with a practical domain registration process.  additionally, the course includes conducting an in-depth case analysis of web hosting solutions.

Although this course is mainly aimed at beginners, the more experienced could also learn a thing or two from it. We will cover all you could possibly need to know about Domain Names and website hosting – even diving deeper into the important things that you need to think about when coming up with a domain name to register for your website or online business.

You’ll learn about

  1. How Domain Names Work
  2. How to Register a Domain Name
  3. The Role of Domain Registrars
  4. Types of Domains (TLD, CCTLD)
  5. How to Administer a domain name
  6. Setting up Domain Name Privacy, Auto-Renewal, Domain Forwarding
  7. Domain Name Server Administration
  8. What is web hosting and how to host a website?
  9. How domain names and web hosting work in relation to each other.

We are going to have a lot of fun in this course and you are going to learn a really important modern skill.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the course now!

What you’ll learn
  1. You will learn how a Domain works
  2. You will be able to Register a Domain Name
  3. You’ll be able to Set up Domain Name Privacy, Auto-Renewal, Domain Forwarding
  4. You will learn all about how hosting works
  5. You’ll be able to Manage the Domain Name Server
  6. You will learn to Administer a domain name and hosting using any provider
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  1. No previous experience in web development needed
  2. No coding knowledge required
  3. Laptop/PC/Mobile with a normal Internet connection to watch and practice the course content
Who this course is for:
  1. Anyone interested in owning a website
  2. Students interested in knowing how domain and hosting work

Domain & Hosting Fundamentals for Beginners [2023] - Intro

Understand whats domain and hosting fundamentals
23 Min
How to buy a Domain name
14 Min
Claim your FREE Web Hosting ( Exclusive Bonus )
15 Min
How to update Nameservers ( 2 case studies )
14 Min
How to login into cPanel ( 3 Ways )
6 Min
How to get future support from our team 24/7
1 Min
Congratulations ! Whats to learn next ?
1 Min

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Bonus Lecture
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How to claim FREE Welcome Gifts of Worth $1000USD?
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Elementor Pro Activation Process
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Domain & Hosting Fundamentals for Beginners [2023]