How to Get Technical Support 24/7?

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Hey There, if you have enrolled in any of our courses on any platform, then you may opt for technical support via Messages, Q&A sections, Discussion forum, anydesk, etc. Based on the best option available for you, you may decide on the approach.

Option 1: Via a Dedicated section under individual Courses

If you have enrolled in any of our courses on any platform, you may find the Q & A section or comments section or discussion panel, etc under the course videos. You may make use of that section to post your technical questions. Please note, before you post your question, you may search if your particular question was previously answered or not by going through the question posted earlier. Below is an example of one such section.

Option 2: Via Messages

If you have enrolled in any premium courses on our platform, you get an option to interact directly with our expert instructor. You may post your question via message and wait for an expert to respond to your question. Please refer the image below to reach messages option.

Option 3: Via Discussion Forum

We have a dedicated discussion forum to help our budding developers. Here’s a link – You may search for your question using the search bar or directly go ahead and click on “ask question” to post your question. and done, you will now get your query resolved via the instructor themselves, our expert team members, or peer learners as well. Please refer image below for your guidance.

Option 4: Via Anydesk

If you have enrolled in our premium course, we have exclusive Free support for you via anydesk. All you need to do is visit- and book a session as per your availability. Our expert team member will connect via anydesk and help you resolve the technical issue/error you are facing with development.

Option 5: Via Zoom Meeting

If you want an expert from our team to join via zoom and help you resolve your advanced queries and help you launch your website successfully, then am glad to let you know we have a paid support option too. Please check out – Our expert will do a complete analysis of your requirement, help you with a resolution and leave you with a successful result.

If you still have any queries, please go ahead and contact us via live chat by dropping a message.

Hope you have an amazing experience on our platform




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