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There are hundreds of online learning platforms out there but when it comes to in-depth teaching, many platforms fail to provide students with it. but we at GWiz Academy provide complete knowledge along with practical implementation tutorials.

Hi everyone! In this blog let’s explore what we have got to offer you on GWiz academy’s online learning platform.

let’s begin with-

Courses on our online learning platform

On this platform, we offer FREE  and as well as EXCLUSIVE courses on our online learning platform. Click on all courses at the top bar of the home page and you can see the following Free courses with certification.

  1.  WordPress complete fundamentals crash-course for beginners.
  2.  Woo-commerce fundamentals complete crash-course for beginners 2021.
  3.  Cpanel web hosting server administration full course for beginner 2021.
  4.  WordPress backup |restore & migration complete training. 

Click on the link to reach a blog on – how to take free courses on gwiz academy?

after scrolling down from free courses, you will find Exclusive courses with certification:

  1. 4-in-1 course (complete WordPress web development course for beginners 2021).
  2. Build 5 WP projects ( Landing page, business site, E-commercial, News portal, and portfolio site).
  3. Elementor pro (complete course for beginners).

Click on the link to read a blog on how to enroll in the exclusive courses on GWiz academy?

Scroll down more to find Exclusive project-based courses:

  1.  project #1 (build a WordPress sales landing with appointment form).
  2.  project #2 (build a wordpress dynamic business website + live chat).



At the top bar of the home page, just beside the ‘web development courses’ tab, you can find the “youtube tutorials” tab. Upon clink that you be redirected to our youtube channel. There as well you will find tutorials as shown in the image below. Also, don’t forget to check out our channel and subscribe to it. here’s the quick link to reach our youtube channel

Besides the youtube tutorial’s tab, you can see “Join community “, Upon clicking that, you will be redirected to a page where you can click on “join” to connect with other wordpress users under closed group.

Coupon codes

 GWiz academy offers various coupon codes via mails and during advertisements which can be used during the purchase of any course. To know more please read this blog – how to apply coupon codes to claim discounts on gwiz academy.

GWiz coins and GWiz wallet

GWiz academy offers cashback which can be claimed in the form of gwizcoins during the time of purchase. To know further please read our blog – Introducing gwiz coins and gwiz wallet, lets explore in detail.


GWiz academy refunds your amount if the refund is claimed within 30 days of purchasing the course. to know in detail please click on the link and refer to our blog – how to request for refund on gwiz academy.

Discussion forums

There are 2 types of discussion forums enables by GWiz academy . one is a course-wise discussion forum and one is a public discussion forum. To know more about it please refer to these blogs –


You can access and learn from our free courses like wordpress, woo-commerce, etc., and enroll in our exclusive courses and get certified for them. To know how please click on the link and go through these blogs –

Setup and reset your profile and password

 You can set up your GWiz academy profile and set a password for it. In case you forget your password then no worries because you can reset your password easily. To know how, please read these blogs-

Share your  Course Certificates

Isn’t it cool that you can download your certificates and share them on different platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc? To know how, please read the following blog – how to share your course certifications on Linkedin?

Become GWiz academy partner

You can also become our partner through our “affiliate program”  and earn passive income. To know how please read our blog – how to become an affiliate?

I hope you found our online learning platform interesting. if you have any queries please feel free to connect with us at


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