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If you want to become a back-end developer and have no idea where to start and how to proceed then this blog is for you. in this blog I will provide you with the 4 step roadmap to become a back-end developer.

back-end developer


Hello and welcome to GWiz academy’s web developer motivation blog and in this blog, I will make you understand where to start your preparation from and how to end the process as well. so let’s begin.

Back-end developer Roadmap

back-end developer

Step-1 to become a back-end developer

Programming languages

A back-end developer is expected to know python, Java, and PHP programming languages to start with a back-end developer role. please note that Java is different from Javascript. You can learn these languages from youtube complete tutorials or offline training or from online learning platforms as well.



A back-end developer should be well aware of .Net and Nodejs open-source platforms. Node. js might be the best choice for a Back end developer as it has all the above features which are very great in delivering excellent performance



It’s better for a back-end developer to learn about Django and Flask both frameworks because they are the top 2 frameworks of python. Django framework allows users to use ready-made solutions for their web applications. whereas, using Flask allows users to have control over their projects.



Learning the basics of MY SQL and MongoDB databases is enough for a back end developer as back-end frameworks will already make your work easier. but In case you want to build a career as a Database admin then you need to learn in detail about them.

I hope you are now clear about what to learn and how to proceed in order to become a back end developer.

Thank you.






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