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If you want to become a front-end developer and have no idea where to start and how to proceed then this blog is for you. in this blog I will provide you with the 4 step roadmap to become a front-end developer.


Hello and welcome to GWiz academy’s web developer motivation blog and in this blog, I will make you understand where to stand your preparation from and how to end the process as well. so let’s begin.

Front-end web developer Roadmap

Step-1 to become a front-end developer

Programming Languages

As you might have seen in the roadmap above, a person should get started with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. you can learn these languages from youtube complete tutorials or offline training or from online learning platforms as well. you can also learn and practice these 3 languages on a single platform called  w3schools.

at the end of this step try to build  2-3 portfolio projects as well.



The web development framework is the set of resources and tools which help the software developer to build and manage web applications. the most famous and wanted front-end frameworks are React, Angular, and Vue. you may learn any one kind of framework.

The companies which use these frameworks are given below.


APIs & Libraries

Learn about the API (application programming interface), it is nothing but a connection between computers or between computer programs. An example of using an API is when you check the weather reports on your phone you are making use of an API.

Libraries comprise non-volatile resources like help data, pre-written code, message templates, documentation, etc which can be used in software development. the libraries you should definitely learn about are

  1.  bootstrap5
  2.  Google Materialize CSS



I would suggest you make sure that you create at least 3 projects and also develop API endpoints. there no better way to retain a skill except practicing the skill by implementing it. Also, you can showcase these projects while applying for a job as well.

I hope you are now clear on where to begin learning front-end development and in which way to proceed after beginning.

thank you for reading till here.








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