Best way to learn Python for Beginners

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Getting started with learning python and wondering what’s the best way to learn Python for beginners?  we are glad that you chose to read this article.  The first step towards learning any technology is to know how to learn. learning how to learn is essential as technology keeps changing and you have to be updated with current changes to be successful as a programmer.

Hi and welcome to Gwiz Academy’s web developer motivation article. By the end of this article, you will be knowing the best tips and strategies that will help you become a pro python programmer. Let’s get started.

Best way to learn Python for beginners

1. Plan

Getting started with a plan in hand of how you are going to complete will keep you on track. Often learners get started right away without a plan of how they are going to proceed and complete their learning will maximum times divert your attention and focus.  for example, consider you have chosen a course and it has a certain number of lectures with it. then I recommend you to divide those lectures by the number of days you think you can complete them.

Tip: When just getting started, DO NOT burden yourself with more learning and concentrate on making it a habit. let’s say you make a habit in 7 days, then for the first 7 days allocate less number of lectures and then allocate exponentially. Also, coding every day i.e., maintaining consistency will help you achieve your goal faster.

2. Write it!

Yes, you read that right. while learning to code, just don’t type but write as well. Writing down important points to writing down which functions and classes are to be used in your project. This will also help you in cracking interviews as many interview rounds involve writing code.

Tip: Research suggests that coding with hand(by writing) helps in longer retention. Thus, not just type it but write it.

3. Implement and Save

Consider you begin with writing your own code but with no result-oriented approach? will that help in keeping you motivated? mostly NO.  Therefore, produce a result. It doesn’t matter even if it’s a small collective result/output like for example an exercise where you learn to match the string and fetch the data. As a beginner begin with this king of resulted-oriented learning and improve yourself to the level of making a small application on the whole.

Tip: DO NOT just implement and leave, eventually leading to losing your work and moving forward with nothing in hand. Save and showcase your work. for example, upload your work as a project on Github. Doesn’t matter how complex is your beginning projects.

4. Collaborate

Learning and Implementing alone can become boring sometimes. And surrounding yourself with other learners will help you in being interested and motivated. but be mindful so that you don’t get dependent completely on other learners to stay motivated. Another use of being around the learner is the opportunity to do pair programming. wondering what’s pair programming? This approach involves a Driver and a navigator role where the driver writes the code and the navigator guides the driver by reviewing the code. you can also switch roles from time to time to get the benefits of both roles.

Tip: Teaching another person will also help you in retaining the concepts clearly.  And also if you Don’t have anyone around you who is learning python? no worries. you can find many communities of learners online, feel free to join them where you can pose your doubts or help others with theirs.

5. Get started Now and take Breaks later

The most difficult task when beginning the journey of learning is to get started. if you can get started NOW and RIGHT AWAY, then you have already accomplished your most difficult task. Don’t forget strategy 1 that is to make a plan when getting started. so, now that you got started and is working consistently don’t forget to take small breaks in between. mind you! the break is just to charge your energy and focus and not take you off the track. So, take breaks when needed and come back with even more focus.

So, these were the 5 strategic suggestions and tips from our end. Lets us know if you have any other tips on your mind.

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