Is PHP still the king elephant in the room in 2021?

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As per the current scenario, 70-80% of websites are built using Php. so no matter what new technologies come into existence. Php is still going to hold its crown as most of the companies rely on php still in 2021.


hello everyone, and in this blog of web development motivation, we will learn what makes php still relevant in 2021. php does face criticism but it has nothing to do with its abilities and it’s much because php doesn’t market itself like most of the new languages get marketing done for themselves. so let’s keep this scenario aside and focus on what actually php has to offer in terms of web development.

Few advantages of Php language


The notable point about PHP is that it is free in all senses and because of it, it has a large community of developers working with it. apart from using php they also bring new positive changes and enhancements to it.


when the traffic towards the websites grows, it should be able to handle it. so websites build with php can be easily extended by adding more servers. know that users and servers are directly proportional to each other. i.e., more users require more servers. let me tell you that as php supports all the main web browsers, scalability is not at all an issue.


the space required is provided by php’s own memory, thus reducing both workload and loading time. and eventually, the processing speed is high which is a benefit for the developers in return.


when it comes to security many programming languages are vulnerable and not just php. but how well we avoid the vulnerability depends on how we use it and on the developer’s expertise. through testing, you can avoid this breach.

Famous websites that use php

  1. Facebook
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Tumblr
  4. wordpress

Characteristics of php

performance of php

as the languages get older they start declining in quality but this is not the same case with php as php improves over time. thus the demand is constantly rising. apart from being user-friendly and cheap, Php has improved to be more efficient and can handle more diverse tasks as well.

when combined with javascript,php can be used to deliver any kind of project.

supports many Database options

as php supports many database options, it is easier to handle your website’s data and redirects it. it supports the databases like MySQL, IBM, DB2, and many more.

So is php still relevant in 2021?

Like other programming languages, php doesn’t hold any marketing team behind it. whereas other popular languages have a dedicated team towards it. thus this resulted in youngsters believing new languages to be more promising. yet this doesn’t affect the value of php as I have mentioned at the beginning of this article that 70-80% of the websites are built on php so the crown of php isn’t going to be transferred to another language any time soon.

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