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As you have enrolled in our one or the other courses on the learning platform, we are providing you the WooCommerce Membership Plugin lets in you in accordance with promote online memberships along WooCommerce or prevent get entry to to posts and pages concerning you website.  Also, Helps to set up your Woocommerce store and your learning quickly and Easily…
Sounds fair? go ahead download and start learning 🙂

Woocommerce Memberships Review

WooCommerce Membership expansion lets in you in accordance with promote online memberships along WooCommerce or prevent get entry to to posts and pages concerning you website.

Membership Plans

  • Create endless on line membership plans (e.g. Silver Membership, Golden Membership etc)
  • Add then lift members manually beside convenient in accordance with usage admin interface
  • Link plans in accordance with mean plans in conformity with have to them assigned in accordance with participants automatically
  • Set prolong because attached design activation according to create a content material drip feed

WooCommerce Membership Products

  • Convert any simple then unstable WooCommerce manufacture after membership product
  • Select someone number concerning membership plans after grant get right of entry to in accordance with then manufacture is purchased
  • Set above optionally available expiration day to redact secure so customers are solely getting where they are paying for
  • Memberships are also expired mechanically when like orders are cancelled yet refunded

Access Restriction

  • Restrict get entry to to somebody post and page, including customized WordPress submit types
  • Grant access only in imitation of whole contributors and every non-members
  • Grant get entry to solely in conformity with entire contributors with specific membership plans
  • Grant get admission to only in conformity with non-members and participants barring unique membership plans
  • Posts so user does no longer have get admission to in conformity with are also eliminated beyond every lists then menus
  • Protect hundreds of posts and pages at as soon as including greatness editing functionality
  • Built-in get admission to restrict shortcodes because granular get admission to control

Managing WooCommerce Memberships

Memberships for specific clients are activated after system up to expectation includes membership production is paid and marked namely processing and completed.

Membership will stand cancelled then like kilter is cancelled then refunded then membership expiration era has been reached. Membership will additionally stand cancelled postulate correspondent Membership Plan is deleted.

Membership may also be granted then cancelled manually out of membership design page.

Membership Granted or Membership Cancelled emails do stay configured and despatched in conformity with customers automatically.

If Subscriptio expansion is set up then membership product is additionally a subscription product, such pleasure remain activated and deactivated together along a subscription, e.g. if ye doubt a subscription, membership will stand suspended, then postulate levy is cancelled then expired, membership pleasure stand cancelled as well.

We provide these products for educational purpose. if you want to use it on clients or personal live projects, please purchase the product on official site – View on official site


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