Best Freelancing tips to know before you start!

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Do you want to quit your job and dive into freelancing? then these freelancing tips will help you in ways you never thought of when implemented thoroughly. let’s get started.

freelancing tips


hi, aspiring freelancer. in this blog, you will find ways and tips that will keep you afloat when diving into freelancing. remember, being your own boss brings challenges as well.

Pre-freelancing tips

know to be patient

please know that you are not going to make a lot of income at the beginning of your freelancing journey itself. you cannot expect instant results.  you will learn with time, improve with time, and eventually grow with time in terms of income. learn the new skills needed to speed up your work and also make a set of goals and be realistic and practical about them. Setting unrealistic goals at the beginning itself will result in becoming impatient.

Do not expect Scheduled breaks

Being your own boss doesn’t grant you the breaks whenever you want. In fact, one has to be responsible for each and everything decreasing the chances of taking breaks for themselves. know that you will not have a clear idea even about when you can grab your next lunch or say next vacation. you have got to be on your toes always. yet it is important that you set a limit to everything and see what’s working out for yourself. also, make sure you plan beforehand for any urgent works or dependencies.

Learn to manage money

Think of the future when you won’t have a fixed-paying job. you will have to survive on your savings for the months before things start getting better in terms of income. You will have to decide and plan your budget as per your needs and save a portion of your income for the situations like:

  1. medical emergency
  2. unpaid invoices
  3. no new clients etc.

Track your expenditures and decide on what’s needed and what’s not. this way you will become wiser in spending your money.

Hold onto your Job

yes, you read it right. you should hold onto your job until you figure out how freelancing works and until you get a hold onto it. at first, it might look impossible to juggle between both but try using your free time to gain knowledge about freelancing, and then question yourself these things:

  1. is freelancing suitable for you with regard to your kills?
  2. can you work independently by staying motivated?
  3. can you survive the initial months without getting a steady income?

once you feel confident in continuing the freelancing work, you may feel free to quit your regular job.

Know that stress gonna exist

one thing you should know is that stress is gonna exist higher than a regular job. first of all, you will have to acknowledge it and then learn how to handle it. few things you can do to handle it in a better way is to plan well in advance for the initial months of freelancing. plan about money, plan about the second plan if things don’t work out, and plan to relax when needed to.

These were 5 freelancing tips to keep in mind before starting with freelancing.. i hope you found it helpful.

Thank you for reading till here.





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