Best Tips for Time Management in Project Management

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Do you always end up with scarcity in the amount of time for the project’s completion? Then these best tips for time management in project management will definitely help you in overcoming that scarcity.

Hi and welcome to Gwiz Academy’s articles on Time management is very much essential in project management because time is often the scarcest resource for project managers. Time management is all about using the allocated time of a project wisely in order to meet deliverables and complete the work before or on time of the project completion date. Please know that time management is less related to individuals meeting their deadlines and more about the overall process of a project moving smoothly and successfully towards completion. So, let’s get started!

Best Tips for Time Management in Project Management

1. Create a Well-defined Plan

Not understanding Project Scope results in unrealistic timelines finalization. Thus you need to plan the project from the initial stage i.e., requirements briefing to the final stage i.e., the deployment of the project. Before getting started you need to know the goals and deliverables of the project accurately and avoid guessing them. Also, the team must be selected carefully based on their individual expertise.

Please note that the timeline must be communicated clearly between the clients, higher-level authorities, and the team. because usually, the third party expectations may not be the same as you internally have decided on. It’s not at all necessary that you define a timeline for each and every smaller task but the high-level expected timeline of the complete project is enough.

If you are interested in learning how to create an effective Project plan please read our article on – How to create a project plan

2. Proper break-down structure

Often project managers look at the projects as a whole and are subject to becoming overwhelmed. As a project manager, you should be able to collaborate with the entire team and deconstruct the deliverables within the project into doable as well as measurable tasks. This method of breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones will enable the complete team to deliver the project most effectively upon following the “work breakdown structure”.

3. Purge

As a project manager, you need to understand what’s required in terms of information, documents, people, etc on your mind, sight and way respectively. The people may also include the team member of the project who would start discussing and keep going on without a conclusion and in the end sucking the energy from you and take your concentration off the important works. You need to get rid of those situations and things.  This way you will be saving a lot of time that was being drained.

4. Establish a System

In order to track the time, you need to establish a system where you can schedule your tasks. You may use the papers to jot it down, or a calendar, or any electronic system. If you aren’t sure of what will work out for you, then give all of them a try or try using a blend of these methods. And in the end, you will be able to keep track of your tasks in accordance with the time.

5. Be Flexible yet Attentive

Often project managers come up with a solid plan to execute the project process. But there will be days when the project will not go as per the plan, here, the project manager must show up with equal preparedness and activeness to the changes and be good at decision making to resolve the issues and get the project back on track. Therefore, project managers must be flexible to take days as they come and continuously make decisions by keeping Project’s timeline in mind.

6. Avoid unnecessary Meetings

One of the big contributors to the effect timeline of the project is meetings without a real purpose. There might be rescheduled meeting but if you find that no actual progress is made that can be addressed in the meeting then cancel the meeting or postpone it. It’s also important that the concerned team members are only present for the requirements to be discussed. This ensures that the non-concerned team members aren’t distracted from their workflow.

So these were the Best tips for time management in project management from Gwiz Academy’s end. If you have any tips with you, please let us know in the comments below.

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