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Being shortlisted for an interview and cracking the interview are 2 different things. To crack any interview the candidate must be aware of what the job role requires.

crack any interview

Hello everyone, in this article on web developer motivation, we will see what to learn to crack any interview as a web developer. There are multiple options available to learn when it comes to programming languages, frameworks, etc. it depends on your interest or the market values to decide in which way you would like to go further.

To learn about the tools and technologies available to become a web developer in detail, please read our following blog- a complete roadmap to becoming a web developer 

As a beginner, you don’t have to know everything about the available tools and technologies but you should know the basics/fundamentals of it in order to crack an interview. apart from basics, you will need to have hands-on experience i.e., you will have to have few beginner-level projects to showcase your skills and knowledge.

Basic requirements to crack any interview

Client-side languages

At a beginner level, you should at least know the basics of HTML, CSS, and javascript languages. basics in the sense, under HTML- you should be able to use div tag, image tag, etc, under CSS – you should be able to give margins, paddings, style fonts, etc and under javascript, you should be able to know how to link a cta button, how pop-up forms work, etc.

Server-side languages

under server-side programming languages, you should at least know 1 language among PHP, python, java, etc. through one of these languages you should be able to store data on the server and also be able to retrieve it. as a beginner, this is enough for you to get through the interview.


along with both client-side and server-side language basics, if you can have the basic knowledge about bootstrap-like classes in it, then you will be able to design and develop a website on your own and it will definitely make you much more hirable.

coming to other frameworks you should be at least familiar with one framework like react.jsangular, vue.js, etc. by being familiar with one of these kinds of frameworks, you can increase the chances of cracking the interview even more.


if you can gain some knowledge about the MYSQL queries is good to have. for example which query is required to fetch the data from the database, which query is required to save the data etc.


you should have a portfolio website where you can showcase your projects. there must be 3-5 websites(projects) to showcase to the recruiter. the type of website can be inspired by looking at the existing websites. you can replicate the existing websites and give a twist of your own design to them. you can link the websites on your portfolio website.

Q & A

Apart from showcasing your skills through the portfolio, you will have to answer few questions in the questioning round of the interview. for that, you can refer to Q & As available over the internet. one of this Q &As blog by naukri.com is given here- Top 20 web development questions

if you want to know how to search and apply for a web developer job effectively, please refer to our following blog- an easy way to search and apply for a web developer job

I hope that you are now clear and confident about what to learn to crack a web developer interview.

Thank you for reading till here.





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