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if you are still trying to find out what roles are available out there in freelance marketplaces and are in a phase to decide which suits you the best as per your skills then this article is solely for you. Let’s explore the available easy freelance jobs for beginners.

Hi and welcome to Gwiz Academy’s Tips and Suggestions Articles. In this article, we will look into the easy ways, roles, and jobs available to begin with as a freelancer. The list of categories and job roles are taken from research done on finest and active freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, people per hour, Upwork, and so on, and thus are the ways which are definitely in demand.  if you want to have an idea on what websites are available to get freelance work online then do give a read to our following article:- Best freelancing platforms

With little yet the quality amount of dedication and skills, you can easily earn a handsome amount with the freedom to work from anywhere and any amount of time i.e., Part-time or Full-time. so, let’s read further.

Easy Freelance Jobs for beginners

The categories that we are going to look into revolve around Writing, Designing, developing,  videos and audio creations, Virtual assisting, and Marketing. I hope these categories hold the role which suits your skills and interest.


one of the easy jobs you can get started with right away if you are equipped with good English lingual is a writer’s job. You can write for niche-based businesses, publishers, websites, products, copy writings for advertisements, and much more. The roles available under writing are as follows.

  1. Proofreader: Are you good with grammar and writing skills, then you can easily get started with correcting other people’s work.
  2. Blog Writer: Businesses nowadays hire blog writers for their businesses, so you can fill this position if you got the skill. Please note that writing blogs require a different kind of skill than writing articles.
  3.  Article writer: magazines, news publishers, etc require article writers for their online presence. so, hop in and get that role if you think you can write articles for them.
  4. E-book and fiction writer: You can write a tutorials guide or start with stories, poems, etc for the companies and get paid a good amount for it when compared to blog or article writing.
  5. Web content or product description writer: Many websites and e-commerce stores out there are looking for content writers. some research and writing skills and done, you will be good to start writing for them.

other than these, you can help the job seekers in writing their resumes or CVs or students writing their academic papers and essays.

Now let’s look into the next category i.e.,

Graphic Designing

If you think you have got creative skills then I have got you plenty of options where you can utilize them and earn through them. Starting from logo designing to designing art over T-shirts. there is a high number of options available. so let us dive into exploring the opportunities under graphic design.

  1. Logo Designer: Basic knowledge of adobe illustrator paired with your creativity can get you started with designing logos for clients.
  2. Icon Designer: If you got the skills to portray information diagrammatically, then this role is for you. design icons for clients that they can use on their websites.
  3. Mockup Designer: If you have got knowledge using Figma or Adobe Xd, then you can start taking muck-up design projects which will easily pay you a good amount in return.
  4. Editor: If you have experience using photoshop, then you can enter in editing, converting, optimizing, and enhancing photos as Photoshop editor, photo editor, or photo retouching job roles.
  5. Designer for marketing and advertisement: Many companies when into marketing and advertisement require flyers, brochures, business cards, etc designed for themselves thus paving opportunities like Flyer designer, Brochure designer, Banner designer, etc. lookout for this kind of opportunity as well.

Web Development

When coming to the freelance market places, one most booming field is undoubtedly web development. If you have no idea of web development which requires a bit of complex technical knowledge, then I suggest you put some time and energy into learning this, as efforts invested in this have a high return on investment. Let’s look into the roles under Web development.

  1. Front-end Developer: Have you got a creative eye for design? then developing the front-end of the website is the role suitable for you. wondering what are the skills required to get into a front-end developer role? here’s the article on it from our side: Best roadmap to become a front-end developer
  2.  Back-end Developer: If you have an interest in technical aspects of development then I suggest you dive into Back-end projects. wondering what are the skills required to get into a Back-end developer role? here’s the article on it from our side: Best roadmap to become a Back-end Developer
  3. Full-Stack Developer: In case, you have both the front-end and back-end developer skills then that means you can opt for full-stack development projects and also for individual front-end/Back-end jobs as well.
  4. UX/UI Designer: Interested in designing a user experience, you can opt-in to offer Ux/Ui designs for the websites.
  5. WordPress Developer: Coding is not your cup of tea? then jump into no-code development using WordPress Platform. Interested in equipping yourself with all the skills and portfolio required to get started? Check out an amazing course on udemy here:  Professional WordPress web development course using Elementor.

If you feel like exploring more options under web development then there are other opportunities available as well like plugin developer, theme developer, bug fixers, server administrator, etc.

Video and Audio Creating

Do you hold amazing content creation or editing skills? then here are the roles you can play as a freelancer.

  1. Intro-outro Videos: Businesses requiring video content like course creators out there require intros and outros for their businesses and products. Come up with some cool intros and outros and make it a medium of earning.
  2. Create videos for youtube and advertisement: Businesses require video content every now and then, be it for tutoring about the product or advertising it. Thus becoming a video creator is also one of the best freelancing roles available in the freelancing market.
  3. Voiceover artist: Got a great voice, use it wisely! you can also become a voice-over artist and earn money by just reading the scripts.
  4.  Audio editor and translator: You can offer help in editing audio of podcasts, audio content, etc, and even offer service as a translator in from-to language as per your knowledge.

Virtual Assisting

Want to dive into something, which hardly requires any skill yet pays a handsome amount? then this list of roles is for you!

  1. Data entry: Got a good typing speed? then get yourself this efficient work where you just have to type hardcopies in a digital form.
  2. Social Media Manager: Brands who need to keep up with social media presence, hire people to manage their social media accounts. so if you are a social media enthusiast then this work is best suitable for you.
  3. Customer support Executive: Many companies need to hire customer support in order to solve issues raised when customers use their products or services. You can help companies delight their customers with your assistance.

Apart from the above roles, you can act as a recruiting agent to help companies hire the right candidates, or say a bookkeeper to record companies’ transactions.

So, these were the roles under 5 different categories available for you as a beginner.  Do comment below if you did any other role which was easier for you.

Thank you for reading till here.







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