As a freelancer Break the feast and famine cycle now. 4 easy tips!

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As a freelancer, are you stuck in the feast and famine cycle? wondering why there aren’t any active clients in your hand? then here is the list of things you should focus on to overcome these situations.



Hello everyone and welcome to Gwiz academy’s motivational blog. through this blog, you will get to know how you can break the feast and famine cycle by just focusing on few simple yet important aspects of a freelancer’s work life.

Stay an Active Freelancer

Never stop looking for potential clients. Though you have a project in hand at present, it does have an end, right? plan your next client before the present project/work is completed. All you will have to do is to specify to the new client when exactly you are going to start with their project before finalizing the decision. though most clients require an immediate start but mostly doesn’t mean everyone. That means some clients may wait for you, provided you have got skills to hold on to them. and what if they don’t have time to wait till you turn around? at least they are high chances that they will consider you for the next project they have got.

Focus on 1 niche first!

It is evident that freelancers at first get paid less typically when they don’t own the experience. so it is suggested that freelancers should focus on developing one niche first. once you are experienced and believe that you are worth more, then you can probably start raising your price. basically, one should focus on developing 1 skillset and then move on to explore other niches in order to grow exponentially.

Connect and hold onto connections

if you want to avoid the famine phase in your life then one way to contribute towards it is Networking. It is suggested that you attend as many events related to your field as possible. this way you can also easily spread the word about your freelancing business. you may also get leads to your next potential clients. also, hold onto the connection with your previous clients. Just a “thank you for giving me the opportunity” at the completion of the project can keep you connected with them for their next project as well.

Take care of your finances!

It is so common that one needs to be prepared for the shortcoming of the future, yet one tends to ignore it and fail at managing their finances. it is better that you don’t repeat the same common mistake. do these few things and even if the tough phase arrives in your life, it isn’t going to bother you at all.

  1. Save a portion of your income every month.
  2. Get insurance for yourself because you don’t have a company to do it for you.
  3. Be careful in case you are planning to take a long-term loan. remember you have an irregular income pattern.

so, aren’t the above tips easy to follow and to make you break the feast and famine cycle as a freelancer? I hope they are easy for you.

Thank you.




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