Full-time employee or Freelancer. What you should choose as a web developer.

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Both full-time employee or freelancer roles come with their own pros and cons and it depends on individual’s choice to choose what suits them best.

Hello everyone, in this web development motivation blogfull-time employee or freelancer let’s select a career path for you. when you begin with the development journey you will have to make a decision that will affect your career for several next years. should you choose a secured full-time position or be your own boss and dive into freelancing? honestly, both have their own benefits and drawbacks. I hope at the end of this article you will be able to make a choice for yourself easily.

Full-time employee or Freelancer role’s pros and cons

Security vs Freedom

Full-time employees enjoy the benefits of stable working hours and also payments. this helps them plan their schedule and also helps in budgeting. as a full-time employee, you don’t have to worry that suddenly have no reliable source of income.

unlike full-time employee’s payment predictability, freelancer‘s income is unpredictable. if they have work in hand they earn and then there’s no guarantee of next day’s or next’s week’s work opportunities. but they do enjoy the freedom to work whenever they want, wherever they want at their comfort -at night, in the garden, anywhere they want and any amount of hours they wish to work for. also, if everything goes right and you find multiple clients and meet the deadlines then there are high earning opportunities.

Benefits vs Struggle

Full-time employees enjoy the benefits like health insurance, paid vacations, sick leaves, parental leave, PF, and a retirement scheme. companies often train their employees for free and that will help them develop their skills.

on the other hand, freelancers need to set their own health insurance, cannot have paid vacations, any scheduled leaves, and have to plan their own retirement.

work-life balance

Working as a Full-time employee can be a stressful job if the company has any set deadlines to meet in order to complete the project in time. the employees stretch their working hours and eventually decreasing their family time.

Nowadays companies do keep their employee’s stress levels on notice. and if you are lucky enough to get into this type of company then your work-life will be healthy.

As a Freelancer, you can decide your working hours keeping the due dates in mind. The luxury of deciding when to work and when not is up to you as you are your own boss. sometimes the schedule may be tough for you to manage as your family won’t be able to understand your work life. and if you are an extrovert kind of person then you might at times feel lonely as there will be minimum social interaction.


Full-time employees earn less. by this I mean you earn a fixed income every month and if you get promoted your fixed income is increased and that’s it. but what you earn is kept for yourself as other expenses like insurance are covered by the company.

Working as a Freelancer may mean that you’ll eventually earn more than a full-time developer would. However, reaching that point may require you to spend thousands of hours searching for new clients and completing assignments for little pay.

but once you get a good hold and understanding you can earn more- eventually. and also the platform like Upwork has made it easier for the freelancers in terms of having ample amount of opportunities to get clients.


Full-time employees don’t need to worry about being motivated as they work in a well-structured environment it’s easier for them to stay motivated. also, the monthly and yearly rewards act as a motivation for them and also the boss they need to report to don’t let them go lazy.

and a Freelancer needs to motivate themselves. motivation to reach out to potential clients, motivation to do the marketing of their work, basically, freelancers need to motivate themselves for every task so that they stay on top of things.

now, the decision depends on what you would like to opt for, security or freedom? struggle with more earning or benefits with less earning? do you need the motivation to work or do you stand well-motivated without an external push? the choice is yours. and please do remember it’s not a lifetime decision and you can leave either of it and choose the other option in your path of career.

I hope you found this article helpful and do let me know what is your choice going to be in the comments below.

and if you are going to choose a freelancer role then don’t forget to read the following article – Best freelancing tips to know before you start freelancing

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