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With a high number of businesses going online, are you wondering how to create your own website and make a place for your online presence? then this article is for you.

Hi and welcome to Gwiz academy’s tips and suggestions article. In this article, we will see all that is required to launch your own website. Creating a website on your own from scratch may seem a bit complicated and technically challenging but thanks to Content management systems(CMS) like WordPress which enables us to create any kind of website without any coding knowledge. Let’s further see the types of websites and the important components required for building a website.

Types of websites

we will be discussing 3 different types of websites i.e.,

Static Website

A website that contains fixed content on its web pages and needs to be updated manually is called a static website. This static website’s content is displayed the same across all users and is coded in HTML. Static websites do not need any web programming or database thus making them the easiest website to create. a static site can be simply created with a few HTML pages and publishing them to a web server.

Dynamic website

A dynamic website displays different kinds of content to different users based on the factors like user demographics, time, location, and so on. and this unique content is delivered to viewers every time they visit the website using client-side and server-side scripting languages. Client-side scripting involves the execution of code on the viewer’s browser using scripting languages like Javascript. whereas server-side scripting involves the execution of code by the server before sending the content to the viewer’s browser.

Content Management System(CMS)

Building websites using CMS is the simplest and easiest way and not just to develop but also to manage them.

Developing a website involves programming languages like HTML, CSS, etc and you need to master these languages to develop your own website if not considering the CMS platform.

On the other hand, CMS caters you to build websites without writing any code or learning any programming language.

Essentials to create your own website


Simply stating, A domain name or say the domain is the name/address of a website. A website’s correct address is a complicated numerical IP address (e.g.,, but thanks to DNS, users may type in human-friendly domain names and be directed to the websites they want.

if someone wants to find you online, all you need to tell them is usually your domain name. An example of a domain name is


web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish website files onto the internet. so anyone who has access to the internet can access your website. Your web host is responsible for keeping the server up and operating where the website files are hosted, defending it from harmful threats, and transporting your material from the server to the browsers of your visitors.

As creating a website using CMS is the simplest and easiest way let’s look further into it.

How to create your own website using CMS

The most popular CMS is WordPress. so let’s proceed with the steps keeping in view the WordPress platform.

Get your Domain name and Hosting

Before starting with the development of your website you need to register your domain name as per your business. You can get the domain name from a domain registrar. if the exact name is available you can register that else you can pick one from the available ones. After domain name registration, you can buy a web hosting plan as per your requirement at affordable prices.

Know the kind of website needed

The features and functionalities differ from website to website. for example, if you offer any service then you need a business website with a contact form but if you offer products then you need an e-commerce website. so depending on the requirement decide the kind of website and list the features and functionalities needed for your website.

Getting started with wordpress and website Design

Once you host your website you can now get started with installing wordpress. if you want to learn how to install wordpress please read the following article on How to install wordpress in Cpanel. and once wordpress is installed you can go to the templates option on the dashboard and choose from the available themes. there are thousands of options available when it comes t wordpress themes thus giving you more range of choices to pick a suitable theme for your website.

Add plugins of your choice

WordPress offers a variety of free and as well as paid plugins. plugins are nothing but programs that adds specific features/functionality to your website without you having to code it. therefore, with plugins by your side, you can customize your website as per your wish and thus make your website even more attractive ad flexible for the users.

Launch and manage your website

Now that the website is ready with the required features,  you can launch it. and if after launching you need to edit, update and add features to your website, you can easily achieve it as wordpress offers easy updates and edits of the websites on its platform.


Though it’s easier to launch your own website using WordPress, there might be a few technical challenges. in order to develop your own website efficiently, I would like to suggest you complete this course on udemy: Professional wordpress web development course using Elementor.

Upon finishing the above-suggested course you will be able to build any kind of website on your own.

I hope you liked this article. thank you for reading till here.

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