How to get Coupon Codes to claim Discounts from 10% off onwards on GWiz Academy

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Now you can SAVE MORE with the coupon codes. we provide up-to-date coupons every now and then, which can be redeemed for a financial discount while purchasing our exclusive courses.

coupon codes

Hi everyone, if you don’t have any coupon code and wondering where you can get it from? then let me tell you.

How to Get Coupon Codes

Via Mail

we provide coupon codes via mails. if you have already signed up then you may receive your coupon codes in your mail.  let me clear that,  we offer coupon codes via mail not always but from time to time.

Via Advertisement

we occasionally provide coupon codes through our advertisements. Advertisements take place on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Whenever you come across a GWiz coupon don’t forget to save it.

Via Our Affiliates

we offer coupon codes through our affiliate members too. To let you know, even our students can become our affiliates.

Where to Apply coupons?

You can apply the coupons on our website during the check-out process while purchasing our online courses.

How to Apply coupons?

When you are enrolling in our course, you can use the coupon during the checkout.   Don’t know how to enroll in our courses?  No worries at all. To know how to enroll in our online courses please read the following blog- how to browse and enroll in the online courses on gwiz academy?

Summary of Online Course Enrollment

Click on the course you wish to enroll in. Then click on the “add to cart ” option. you can click on the “add more” option if you wish to add more courses. Otherwise, click on “check out” and then click on “next”. you will see a page where you can check your details and you can also see the option of GSTIN number. if you have a GSTIN number then select the option and enter the details below it. now, click on “next”.

Coupon Page

You can see the below image during the checkout process. Just enter the coupon in the field as shown in the image and click on “Apply”. Then you may proceed to make the payment.

I hope that the article was helpful and hope to see you soon as a student.

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