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wondering about how to get freelance work? Before getting into freelancing please know that there is plenty of work and opportunities available in the freelancing market. But to make use of these opportunities you need to have that 1 skill or set of skills that are required.

Hi and welcome to Gwiz Academy’s Tips and Suggestions articles. In this article, you will get to know about the growth of the Freelancing industry and how to get freelance work both online and offline even if you are a complete beginner. if you are still wondering which role to take up you can also check out our article on Easy Freelance jobs for beginners.

Now let’s look into the scope and growth of the freelancing market.

Expected Growth in Freelancing Market:

The freelancing market is expected to grow constantly in the upcoming years and by the year 2023, the freelance market’s economy is likely to reach $450+ Bn USD globally.

Coming to India, India witnessed a 46% growth in the number of freelancers and now it comes under one of the fastest-growing freelance markets in the world with 15+ million Freelancers.

When mentioning the earning growth of a freelancer, Freelancing websites found that freelancers have an average rate of $20/hr which is more when compared with the average rate for the US overall.

Now we know that freelancing is growing, let’s see methods to use to find the work

How to get freelance work Offline:


Consider your connections from not only your past jobs and professional contacts but also your family, friends, and even neighbors. You don’t have to limit yourself when defining your connection and these connections can be both real and virtual.

So as you move forward with freelancing, think of your connections as a building block of your freelancing career.


Connecting with people from the same industry can serve you with some leads and for that, you need to discover and join groups where you can meet like-minded people. Also, you may look forward to attending events and conferences whenever possible.


Most freelancers overlook the leads they can achieve through references and testimonials from their past clients. So don’t fall in those buckets of freelancers and take feedback from your clients and ask for references. After all, it’s not that pushy thing you may think like, so, let the word of mouth do its work and let your work be spoken about.

How to get Freelance work Online

Unlike finding offline work, finding work online involves understanding different types of clients present on different platforms, the best platform to offer the kind of service you provide, how you are going to get paid and what fees are involved. Once you understand these criteria, you are good to go forward to choose ways to get work online.

Job sites:

One of the best ways to find work online is to make use of online platforms offering freelance work. Here’s the list of the 10 best online platforms you can hop onto and learn about when getting started as a freelancer.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Toptal
  5. Flexjobs
  6. SimplyHired
  7. Guru
  8. LinkedIn
  9. PeoplePerHour
  10. Task rabbit

Coming to personal opinion, I find the Upwork and Fiverr platform best when it comes to freelance work with easy process and least scams. The most important difference between these two platforms is that on Upwork the client posts the jobs and a freelancer needs to send the proposal showcasing the required skills and on the other hand, on the Fiverr platform the freelancer can post his services in the form of gigs and the clients send the proposal to hire the freelancer for that respective gig.

Social media:

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels also hold amazing job/freelancing opportunities. Social has a large number of companies looking for their potential employees. So, you got to be there where potential hirings are happening.

Tip: You can turn to the search field and type in your desired role and get a list of potential employers posting their required new employees. Apart from this, you can also make a post to your feed mentioning your skills and the role you are looking for.

Own a Website:

Irrespective of your field, own a website and show off your skills. You don’t need to have a lot of content on the website, just to start off, it’s good to have a portfolio website to showcase your accomplishments and skills.

Even a single-page website to convey your details, skills and with a contact form can serve the purpose. Check out our short course to build your own personal portfolio website here: (course name as per udemy with hyperlink)

The dark side of Freelancing

When finding freelance work to do, you may run into situations like the below that need to be addressed so that you don’t get stuck or trapped in the wrong place.


Scams are common when it comes to remote jobs so you need to be extra careful when looking for work and not ignore the signs of scams like lacking verifiable information, communicating only through chat, Gaining access to personal financial information, etc. so remember the rule of prevention is better than cure and pour in your guts as well to sense the scam.

Scope issues:

Freelancers mostly land into situations where they are taken advantage of in terms of extra work which falls out of the discussed scope, unlimited revisions, and many more. So don’t forget to revise your scope and don’t hesitate to charge up when necessary.

Payment issues:

Unfortunately getting owed money from clients is a big problem for freelancers. If you have any unpaid fees pending from the client then keep sending the reminders. To prevent any payment issues, it’s better to mention payment terms clearly in the contract before initiating the work.

So here is the helpful information and tips from Gwiz Academy’s end. Thank you for reading till here. Wishing you a successful freelancing career!


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