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You can learn to code real quick and it Doesn’t matter if you are pursuing your degree in computer science,  is a Bootcamp student, or a self-taught developer, learning the craft of coding is a perpetual struggle. But you can ease this struggle by following few tips. so here we are to assist you in becoming a coder with real quickness.

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Hi and welcome to GWiz academy’s blog. in this blog, you will learn about the methods which will help you in learning coding/programming quickly.


Methods to learn to code real quick

Begin from Scratch

Begin your learn-to-code journey from the fundamentals of coding. It’s a true saying that “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise “. In order to understand the advanced concepts, one should be very well versed with the fundamentals of coding. Never ever skip 1st chapter or 1st tutorial of the subject because by doing so you are skipping one of the most important parts of your learning

Practical implementation  

Practice coding by implementing codes. Even if you have learned the chapter thoroughly, you will still scratch your head when it comes to practical implementation.

Always remember that 1-time implementation of code is equal to 10 times of reading the code. a human’s brain tends to remember what it reads for the shorter term and retain what is practically experienced for the longer term.  Also, whilst practically implementing the code one can play around with it.

For example, you can check what happens if you miss the instruction in between, or say you can check how the output differs when the values are changed. You will definitely remember the minute details of coding when you practice by implementing it.

Code by hand

When you write the code manually, you will be restricted from checking the code halfway making you be more precise, intended towards instructions, and cautious about minor mistakes which indirectly increases your proficiency in coding. Although this practice will seem time-consuming but will make you a fundamentally sound coder in a long run. 

This practice will not only be beneficial for college exams and learning to code real quick but also during the interview process as it’s the ultimate way of testing a programmer’s proficiency.

Seek help when needed

When stuck at a point it’s always better to discuss with peers or get help from your mentors rather than wasting your time and energy. This way you are not only saving your time but also preserving your interest which might decrease because of being stuck at something. Always remember, there’s no one with complete knowledge. You might be good at one thing and your peer at something else. so do not hesitate to seek help.

 What may seem immovable bug to you might be quickly alleviated by fresh pair of eyes. But I would also advise you to give few tries by yourself so that you can gain knowledge on what isn’t going to work. 

Make use of online sources

“Never underestimate the power of tutorials and blogs available over the internet”.Some concepts may be unclear to you when taught by a specific person or when learned by yourself. Do not lose your confidence because the same concept can be easily understood from online sources which are plenty in number. All you have to do is SEARCH for the right tutorial or blog which can guide you through learning to code real quick.

Take a break

One has to understand that continuous working never means quickness. According to psychology, a human brain can be productive, continuously for about 90 mins only. 

If you want to be quick at learning anything, a 15 mins break in between will only increase your productivity and sanity. 

Even when you are stuck at a bug for a longer period of time, get off the work, relax and chill for few minutes and come back with a fresh perspective. 

aren’t the methods easily applicable? am sure they are. I hope you found this blog helpful.

Thank you for reading.




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