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As we all know quality separates the professional from the amateur, do you wish to be that professional and handle project quality management like a pro? In order to achieve that it takes commitment towards work, focus, maintaining consistent project quality, and delivering the project within the budget.

Hi and welcome to GWiz academy’s articles on project management. In this article, we will see 3 concepts and 5 ways that will help you with project quality management. when you are delivering a project, poor project quality can have a huge impact, resulting in re-work, deployment delay, higher budget, stress, and most importantly lack of customer satisfaction.

Before getting started let’s understand what do we mean by project quality.

Project Quality

Project quality is the process of continuously measuring the quality of all the activities involved in the project and taking corrective action unless the desired quality according to customer requirement is achieved.

Project Quality Management through 3 concepts

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important measures of project quality is customer/Client Satisfaction. if a client feels that the project delivered isn’t up to their requirements and expectations then they will label the project quality as poor no matter what you think. on the other hand, if the requirements are met according to the client’s interests, they are more like to consider the project’s quality to be good.

Cost of Quality

In order to achieve the quality, if the budget is spent for conformity like training, resources, and testing only and not for re-work, scrap, etc then we can say that the cost of quality is positive. therefore, it’s important to have prevention over inspection.

Constant Improvement

Be it a product, process, or service, all of these types of projects require continuous efforts for improvement over time. The improvement can be small yet should be effective. Therefore, steadiness in improvement is also a key factor in Project quality management.

5 Ways to maintain project quality

1. Commitment

The project manager’s commitment towards maintaining quality and conveying the same to the team is necessary. The project manager should be able to resolve any conflicts raised, without compromising on the quality of the project being delivered.

2. Stick with the Project Requirements

Once you have defined and finalized the requirements, you need to stick with them. Any increase in scope will lead to delays and increased costs thus might affect the quality of the project.

3. Quality Assurance

As a project manager, you need to create a few check points for the plan being followed. For each check point, you need to evaluate if the team is working as per the plan and if the client’s requirements are being achieved.

4. Quality Control

The project manager needs to keep in view to identify the errors from the initial stage itself. Doing so will save from overspending the budget and time spent on the project.

5.  Follow the project plan

Every organization needs to have a well-defined plan for their projects as per what works well for them. and once you have that, you need to work as per the plan as it will be a more efficient approach towards project completion than wandering around without a proper plan. If you wanna have a look at how you can create a project plan, please read our article on How to Create a Project Plan

Note: Following these steps will not only make you maintain good quality in projects but will also help you in constant improvement of the quality of projects.

So these were a few ways and concepts from Gwiz Academy’s end, that can guide you for the project quality management like a pro. If you have anything on your mind apart from these, that may assure improvement in quality, Do let us know in the comments below.

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