How to reset password from your GWiz Account in 2 easy ways

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It is always a good practice to give your user the freedom to “reset password” of his/her account.  The user can reset his/her password even in case if he/she doesn’t remember their password.

Hi everyone, In this blog, I will let you know how you can reset your password on our GWiz account

In case you don’t have an account and wish to create one, then please refer to our following blog- how to set up your profile on the gwiz academy account?

Reset password

Now, assuming that you already have signed up on GWiz academy, you can now reset password in the following way.

Click on the “my profile” option as shown below.

you will land on another page. scroll down till you find a section like shown below. and enter your details and click on the “save” option.

Reset password when forgotten

In case you forgot your existing password, then no worries at all. you just have to click on the “forgot password?” option in the login window as shown in the image below.

upon clicking “forgot password” a password reset link will be sent to you on your mail. Click on the link and reset your password effortlessly.

I hope the article was helpful. in case you have any doubts then please feel free to ping us on


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