How to share certifications on LinkedIn from your GWiz Account in 1 easy way

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Sharing your course certifications upon completion of the course on LinkedIn is a great way to let your employers know that you have been actively learning and improving your skills.

Hi everyone, yes, you read the title right. you can also share your certifications on LinkedIn directly from our website. Please, read the blog completely to know-how.

once you complete your accessed free course or say an enrolled exclusive course, you can claim your certificate and not only download it but also share it on Linkedin and various social media sites.

In case you don’t know how to access or enroll in our online courses, please refer to our following blogs-

Claim your Certificate

once you access or get enrolled in our online course, click on “start” and watch & learn the complete course. don’t forget to click on the “complete and continue” option at the end of every video. you can refer to the image below.

then click on the “certificate” option as shown in the image below. upon clicking that, a window will pop up and from there you can download your certificate as well.

Share your online courses certificates on LinkedIn

once you click on the “certificate” option as shown in the above image, the following window shows up. Click on “add to profile” as shown in the image below.

Then sign in to your LinkedIn account. In case your Linkedin account isn’t open, here’s is a quick link to access a LinkedIn website.  and again click on the “add to profile” option as shown above. Therefore, the following page will be opened as shown below. The fields will be automatically filled, you just have to click on “save and add more” or “save” as per your requirements.

isn’t it an easy way to share your accomplishment? am sure it is.

Also, if you still have any query then don’t worry at all. we are here to support you. just mail us at –






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