How to use GWiz Coins & GWiz Wallet, Introducing for the 1st time. excited?

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Students can now use their GWiz coins which will be credited into the student’s GWiz wallet in the form of cashback for the chosen exclusive courses on our website.

Hi, Do you know that you get GWiz coins in your GWiz wallet which is worth rupees 3500, just for signing up on GWiz academy? Yes, it is true. let’s know about it in detail.

GWiz Coins

What are GWiz coins?

GWiz coins are the points that you can use for cashback purposes while enrolling in the course and during the check-out process. please note that you can use these coins only on eligible courses. for example, you can see the course in the image below. It has an option as “10% cashback as GWiz coins”. Therefore, if you are purchasing this course you can use your GWiz coins.

How to get GWiz coins in GWiz wallet?

On the GWiz Academy’s Home page, click on the all courses option given at the top. you will be directed to the courses page. Click on “login” given at the top. Then click on “sign up” and enter your details. and then click on “create new account”. Remember your password for future logins.

now click on the account icon at the top of the courses page as shown in the image below

then click on “my profile” as shown in the image below

After clicking on “my profile” you will see a page like shown below. Click on the  “account” and then click on “wallet” like shown in the image below and you will be able to see your GWiz coins in your GWiz wallet.

Your wallet will look like the image below.

How to use Gwiz Coins?

Once you get your GWiz coins in your GWiz wallet, coins will be used automatically during enrollment and the check-out process of your purchase if the purchase is eligible.

Threshold and Validity

Upon using the GWiz coins, that amount of coins will be deducted from your GWiz wallet. you can keep using GWiz coins till the threshold of 3500 is reached or till the expiry date is met, which will be for 6 months.

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