knockout imposter syndrome as a developer – 4 best ways.

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Being a programmer means being a learner forever. with technologies evolving, programmers are prone to suffer from imposter syndrome more often than other professionals.

imposter syndrome

Hello and welcome to our developer motivation blogs. In this blog, we will find out how a programmer can beat the imposter syndrome. do you as a programmer feel as if you aren’t as compatible as others perceive you to be? believe me, you are not alone. With technologies evolving and new tools, frameworks, and programming languages getting added up in the industry most of the programmers feel the same way. so let’s know how to handle the imposter syndrome.

Accept to be a Learner Forever

one has to accept that with changing technologies a developer can never be an expert. “There will always be something new to learn”. Accepting this can be depressing at the beginning but it will actually be liberating once you accept it and you can start focusing on making yourself better and your growth.

know that Nobody is perfect

It’s just like social media. we get to see how perfect others are yet we fail to understand that they too have their low points too. There can be developers who are better than you in some skill/way but that doesn’t mean that you are less better. you might know a skill which they don’t know. It’s good practice to acknowledge our weaknesses and try to overcome them and become better developers but one should also acknowledge the strengths they hold when compared to other developers. In short, The developers have to keep learning and improving themselves, and yet, they can never be an expert.

Remember your Accomplishments

keeping track of your accomplishments on a weekly or monthly basis will genuinely help you in overcoming the feeling of imposter syndrome. reflecting back on your successes will help you in reminding how far you have reached and how good you are. even the things you failed at but learned from can be noted down so that you can see that you went out of your comfort and tried and experienced something new and gained growth through it.

an additional advantage of this is it will also help in boosting your portfolio in case if required in the future.

Ask for Feedback

if you think you aren’t doing good and would like to improve yourself then I suggest you seek feedback from your senior or manager. upon getting the feedback there will be 2 outcomes which will follow

one, you will be clarified with the doubts you were holding about your abilities.

and two, you will understand the areas you need to improve in.

for the areas, you need to improve in, set the time period. for example, if you can achieve it in short term then set the time period of 2-3 months. and if you can achieve it in long term then set the time period of 5-6 months and achieve it. this way you will be handling your imposter syndrome like a pro.

please remember to take the feedback in a positive way.

I hope that this blog will not only help you in handling the imposter syndrome but also in knocking it out completely.

thank you.





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