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we all know that this job and no experience thing is a bit messed up cause basically you need a “job for experience” and “experience for a job” but, there’s a way in between. let’s learn about it in detail.

no experience

Hi and welcome to GWiz academy’s blog. In this blog, you will get to learn how you can land a web developer job with no experience at all. similar to any field, there are few requirements that should be met by you or any other job seeker. once met with the requirements you will find a job with ease.

Few points to keep in mind when you have no experience

Do you have the relevant knowledge?

your knowledge and programming skills will serve you as a replacement for the experience when you set out to seek a job. also, though the technology is changing along with the industry requirements you will still need a basic understanding like understanding of web development fundamentals and core programming languages. if you want to learn to code quickly then refer to our following blog- 6 methods to learn to code quickly.

 Not enough knowledge?

you are not alone, trust me everyone feels that way. But you will have to make sure that you know something about everything if not the complete knowledge. for example, if you are trying for a front-end web developer job then at least you should know about HTML, CSS, and some of the javascript basics and programming fundamentals. Even though, if companies are using angular or react framework you don’t have to be knowing about them already. you can learn them with time.

Are you confident?

every beginner basically suffers from a lack of confidence. but if you have got the knowledge and basic skills in programming then you are good to go. even the employer knows that you are at an entry-level and will definitely give time for you to improve.

Required skillset according to the type of a Developer

It’s necessary that you are aware of your skills and then search for the jobs according to the skills you hold.

Front-end developer or web designer

if you have a good eye for design and layout then you can work as a front-end developer where you will be building front-end websites. skills required are  HTML, CSS, and front-end javascript. with these skills, you can easily join any company that takes up projects of small businesses, individuals, etc.

Server-side developer

if you aren’t good at designing and presentation then no worries. if you are good at logical programming and databases then this server-side development is for you. The programming skills required under this are PHP, Python, Java, etc.

Full-stack developer

if you have combined skills of front-end and server-side development then you can go for the jobs of the full-stack developer. this is basically the best type of developer position because you can do the job of 2 people.

Showcase your skills and self-acquired experience. but how?

The best way to showcase your skill is through your skills themselves. Get your own domain and host your own resume website. you can list the skills you hold and also, don’t forget to add your project links which you have build in your way of acquiring the skills. I advise you to build and include at least 5-10 projects. There are plenty of online courses available which will help you in building your own real-time projects.

Also, there’s an ocean of knowledge, so never limit yourself after certain achievements. keep learning and keep upgrading yourself.

I hope you found this blog helpful and I wish you all the best in your first job.

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