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Doesn’t matter if you are a self-taught web developer or a fresh graduate. The “Search and Apply for the web developer job” task can be confusing and also tricky at times.

apply for the web developer job

Hello everyone, in this article on web developer motivation, I will let you know the things you need to consider whilst searching for the job and also the best platforms and methods you can make use of to apply for the job.

The searching and applying process shouldn’t end with itself. The process is to be in a way that increases the chances of getting an interview opportunity. finally, when you reach up to the interview you can showcase your skills and communicates everything about yourself on why you should be hired.

Divide the search and apply for the web developer job task into 2 sub-tasks

Both searching and applying tasks contain specifications in which way they have to be carried out and accomplished. so let’s discuss them separately.

Searching for the web developer job

under this task, you will have to understand what your skillset is, what kind of job you want to apply for, which portals do you want to make use of, etc.

Decisions to be made before searching the job

  1. which area of web development will your skillset satisfy?
  2. Do you want to join a start-up or big company?
  3. Are you willing to travel or relocate?

Based on the decisions you have made, you can start searching for the jobs which satisfy your decisions. Being clear about what you want can make job search much more efficient and time-saving.

Online portals to search a job

Now that you are clear with what kind of role you want to play under web development jobs, you can efficiently search for that particular role. some of the popular job portals with plenty of job opportunities you are looking for can be:

  1. Authentic jobs
  2. Indeed
  3. LinkedIn
  4. smashing magazines
  5. Stack overflow

though the online portals are available, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to them. you should feel free to reach out to your family and friends in order to know if hirings are going on and are in their notice.

Best practice to apply for a job

Now that you know what kind of job you want and where to find it, let’s learn how to apply for the jobs. just submitting the same resume/cv every time and everywhere will not fetch good results for you.

Just applying cannot be the goal but reaching to a level of interview beating other 100s of applicants needs a key strategy. so let’s look at what contributes to the key strategy.

Focus on your resume/cv

Often recruiters just give a skimming glance at the applications or say resumes. it’s important that you use keywords to portray your skills. like for example if your skillset contains bootstrap, HTML, CSS, etc. don’t forget to use them clearly and highlight them if possible under the skill section.

If you are willing to travel, then mention clearly with minimum words usage like “willing to travel” in a separate like and not mixing it into a paragraph or large sentence.

optimize your online profile

It’s a crucial thing to keep in the notice to update the online profile from time to time. so that when recruiters visit it they don’t miss out on your new skills and that resulting in a drawback for you.

Make sure that your profile leaves a good impression on the recruiters when they visit your profile. for example, include a professional photo rather than a selfie.

Display your skills

The best way to display your skills is through your projects. Don’t forget to add a link to your portfolio site into your online job profile. Say that you have a portfolio website, the website should convey your skills to the fullest and make sure that it has your contact details, links to your social media accounts, etc.

I hope that you found this article helpful.

best of luck in searching and applying for your first web developer job.

Thank you.







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