Stay a Motivated Programmer – 5 super secrets.

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Being a motivated programmer for a longer duration isn’t an easy task. so what can you do to be motivated? here are few secrets to stay motivated and you will also start enjoying it.

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Hello everyone. In this blog, we will see how one can stay a motivated programmer by just keeping few simple yet secret things in mind when beginning and continuing the coding.

Get your base strong

one has to be strong with their basics because if you have no proper understanding of fundamentals and try to understand the complex concepts, you will have no clue what’s going on. for example, imagine not knowing what’s a variable and trying to understand classes and objects. doesn’t it sounds difficult? Having strong basics will help you build a stronghold on complex concepts in the future which will, in turn, preserve your interest.

Start implementing correctly

Imagine you want to reach the top floor of a building, can you take 10 steps at once? of course not. because that will make you think it is difficult or even impossible to reach the top floor. similarly, begin implementing your coding knowledge with smaller and simpler projects and then you can start with larger and complex projects gradually. This way it will seemingly decrease difficulty and keep you as a motivated programmer.

Maintain consistency to be a motivated programmer

The saying “slow and steady” wins the race is true for a programmer too. If at the beginning itself you use all your energy and interest then in a few days or months you will exhaust yourself and lack the interest to continue. know your energy and concentration level and stick around it. It doesn’t have to be 5 – 8 hours a day but 1-2 hours a day but productive hours are enough to make you reach your goal.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Believe me, you are not alone if you ever feel you aren’t good enough. Coding is a broad field, there are always new technologies coming up like tools, frameworks, etc and due to that most aspiring programmers suffer from imposter syndrome. Most beginners suffer from imposter syndrome but trust me there are few advanced programmers too who at a point feels they aren’t good enough. so trust yourself, be patient, maintain your focus, and keep being motivated.

To know more on how to overcome imposter syndrome please go through this blog – knockout imposter syndrome.

Find and join a community

if you don’t have people to discuss your work or learning with others then it’s time for you to find and join a coding community. this way you will not only beat the feeling of working/learning alone but it will also boost your enthusiasm and help you a lot in being motivated.

you can find a community online, there are many communities like freecodecamp,, etc which have mentors and peers discussion groups. you can pose your doubts and get clarified with the concepts and as well as use your knowledge to help other learners there.

I hope that you found this blog helpful and it helps you in being motivated.

thank you.



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