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wondering what can be the right plan for a web developer and still has no right roadmap to guide you? then this blog is solely for the path seekers like you.

plan for a web developer

Hello dear aspiring web developers, in this blog, you will get to know what exactly you will need to learn to become a web developer. As a web developer (full-stack), you can do a job, freelancing, etc and many other opportunities will follow you as you gain experience.

Essential requirements for the right plan for a web developer

  1. learn all about Git Hub – a version control system. you can watch a short tutorial on it or also choose a complete course on it. the choice is yours.
  2.  learn about basic Linux commands. here’s a link for you: basic 35 Linux commands every user should know.
  3. learn about how networking protocols and APIs work.

 Front-end developer requirements

  1. Programming languages. Under Programming languages, one has to learn HTML and CSS. apart from these, I would recommend you learn at least the basics of javascript as well. there are plenty of options like courses available on online learning platforms or tutorials on youtube or offline training as well. you may choose according to your comfort.
  2. framework – There are 2 kinds of booming frameworks at present. one is “angular” and one is “react”. one can learn about these 2 frameworks easily by following tutorials. also, you can learn “react framework” by following this documentation –
  3.  Also, you should learn about a few CSS frameworks and libraries like Tailwind CSS, bootstrap5 and  Google materialize CSS.

once you are geared with the above requirements you can implement your knowledge by building multiple websites. I would suggest you build a simple static website first and then slowly shift to complex and dynamic websites. you can try and replicate the day-to-day websites you come across. also, I recommend you to Try building at least 3 projects and also develop 3 API endpoints.

if you want to upskill furthermore then please continue reading the article

Back-end developer requirements

To carry out back-end development one can learn and make use of either of the options below.


  1. java + spring Or
  2. Python + Django & Flask Or
  3. Nodejs Or

you can learn any 1 of the above from sources like google, udemy, youtube, etc. I would suggest you go with python and learn both Django and Flask frameworks with it. yes, both the frameworks because they are python’s top frameworks.  Django provides the user with ready-made solutions to develop applications and Flask provides users with more control over their projects.


  1. MERN stack, in which you have to learn about technologies like M-MongoDB (a database to store your data), E-Express( a subset of Nodejs), R-React (a front-end framework-which I have discussed earlier), and N-Nodejs( a current time environment where you can execute your javascript codes). OR
  2. MEAN stack. the only difference here is in the front-end framework. here A-Angular framework.

just like you practice front-end development by building dummy websites, you can practice back-end development by setting the database with dummy data.

Congratulations !!
By now you would have mastered all the tools, and stacks to make yourself stand out and become a pro web developer. When it comes to the backend you can choose to go with js frameworks as well like Node.js/Express it’ll be an easy start but learning python will open more doors for your career and in every field of software or web application development, data science, ml, game dev and lot more…

I hope that you are now clear about what you should learn to become a web developer and found this article helpful.

thank you.






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