Top Project Management Skills

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Are you new to the project management profession and trying to figure out the top project management skills needed? or you have been in this profession for a longer term now yet are tired of things not working out a certain way and would like to upskill yourself? Then this article is for you.

Hi, and welcome to Gwiz Academy’s articles on Project Management. It’s estimated that there will be an increase by 33% in project management jobs globally by 2027 i.e., creating about 22 million jobs worldwide. so it’s high time that we hold all the appropriate and needed skills in this profession.

Top Project Management Skills

Project management skills don’t just comprise of 1 type of knowledge like technical, instead, it requires behavioral skills as well. The term “Skills” here refers to the ability to do well when handling people involved in the project throughout the process making the best use of the technology.

Top project management skills – Behavioral

1. Leadership

One of the most crucial skills every project manager should hold is leadership. Leadership means the action of leading a group of people or an organization on the whole. The qualities expected under this are :

  • Being self-aware and prioritizing personal development
  • Focusing on developing others
  • Encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and action
  • Being ethical and civic-minded
  • Practices effective cross-cultural communication

2. Change Management

Most of the time project and as well as organization goes through regular or occasional changes and it falls on the shoulder of project managers to deal with the changes efficiently and incorporate the changes effectively. Therefore, the ability to change as per the requirements is an essential skill for a project manager.

3. Process management

Managing the project’s process that aligns with the company’s goals is important for the overall success of the project and the organization. It’s important to keep each and every activity in notice because, in the end, it forms the final output.

4. Problem-solving

It’s a basic yet critical skill for a project manager to have problem-solving qualities. The process of identifying the problems and applying the solutions for the occurred problems probably increases the success of the project and the organization.

5. Project Planning/Organizing

Creating a plan from the initial stage of the project that is requirement gathering to the final stage of the project that is deployment at the beginning itself is crucially important to keep the resources, scope, and budget on track. Wondering how you can create a project plan? please read our article to do so – How to create a project plan.

6. Team Building

This skill will help you in not only defining the roles that need to be served throughout the project but also collectively considering the needs, backgrounds, and expertise of the individuals.  It also involves activities to improve social relations among the team.

7. Commitment

The project manager must be in a state to accept and believe in the goals of the project and show interest in engaging with the project willingly so that there’s all-time energy to drive the project further.

8. Diplomacy

There is always a scope of conflict arising in the process within the team. The project manager must be able to deal with the people sensitively and in a tactful way. Being diplomatic will help you through navigating conflict situations and get work done.

Top project management skills – Technical

1. Tools

knowing the tools available in the market like excel, word, etc, and knowing how to use them is much needed as a project manager. There is also software available out there like Asana, ClickUp, etc with free and as well as paid versions, which makes life a lot easier for a project manager.

2. Technique/methodologies

As a project manager, you need to adapt and make team adapt to the methods/techniques that work out for your projects. For example, till now traditional method of managing the projects was fine but now with industry and market changing rapidly, adopting agile methodology proves to be the best and fetched the expected output/result from a project.

So, this is it from our end. Do let us know if you feel any other skill is required or needed from a project manager in the comments below.

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