FREE Web Development Tutorials

By GWiz Academy

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Below, you can see there are tutorials available for various courses like wordpress, c panel, woo-commerce, etc. you can now access the tutorials on fundamentals for absolutely free. what are you waiting for? let’s begin with the upskilling of yours.

WordPress Crash Course

In this wordpress crash course, you will learn from basics i.e., from installing wordpress in your c panel and pc to free migration of your website.

Woo-Commerce Crash Course

If you want to learn how to create e-commerce websites for yourself or for clients in detail, then this crash course is designed for you.

cPanel Crash Course

In this cPanel crash course, you will learn login procedures, file managing, upgrade/downgrade your PHP version, creating & managing emails, etc.

Elementor Widgets Tutorial

Now you can add amazing functionalities to your website without having to code separately for it. wondering how? then this tutorial is for you.

WP Backup & Migrations

you can back up the data of your website and also migrate the website under another domain name for FREE. yes, you read it right.

HTML Complete Crash Course

If you want to make a career in web development then you cannot proceed without learning HTML. so, let's learn about it from basics to advance.