Login into your Cpanel account – 3 easy ways

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Login in to Cpanel account

1st method: By Adding “/Cpanel” after your domain name

you can login into your cpanel account by using 3 different methods. in this blog we will show you all three methods. let’s begin. In this first method you can log in to your Cpanel account by simply adding “/Cpanel” to your URL. to show this it will be easy by an example so I am using my website “https://geekywebwizards.com/” as you can see in the image just add “/Cpanel” at end of your domain name then hit enter.

cpanel account


You will be redirected to the next page then hit enter on the “Enter Here” Button


Good now you can see the cPanel login section now just enter your credentials “Username” and Password” then click the sign-in button


Yeah now you can see your Cpanel account which you are waiting for where you can see all your Features in it 


2nd method: By Adding “/2082/2083”  after your domain name

In this second method, you have to add “/2082” or “/2083” at the end of your Domain name in this to sign in to cPenal we follow the same method as the first one instead of using letters we use numbers (2082/ 2083) for example I am using my company website for demo as you can see in below image “https://yourdomain:2083”  or “https://yourdomain:2082”  just hit enter then you can just log in to Cpanel just entering your Right Credentials (username and Passwords) 

3rd method: By Adding “/Cpanel” Before your domain name

It is slightly different than the other two methods in this method you are adding the “/Cpanel” Before your domain name as you can see in the image just add “cpanel.yourdomain-name” and hit enter then that’s it…


You can use any of the methods to login to your Cpanel they are awesome and sign in to your Cpanel and perform your tasks create/add/ delete with the interface

if you have any doubts left with you then please get it cleared by to us at support@gwizacademy.com.


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