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If you provide a shipping facility, then setting up shipping zones is an important aspect of it. wondering what’s shipping zone then let me tell you that it’s a geographical area where you provide shipping facilities for your items.

Configure shipping zones

Hello everyone, do you know that your E-commerce store’s standard is decided based on how fast and efficiently you deliver the product to your customer’s doors. The delivery process involves packing and shipping so you have to make the shipping settings properly and so whenever you receive an order you need to pack the product securely and you can ship it via certain courier services which will incur a cost to you. so, it’s general practice to ask your customer to pay the partial or full shipping fee for the product. There are many shipping options by which you can charge your customers. They are as follows:

  • Flat rate shipping
  • Different flat rates based on delivery locations
  • Flat rates shipping for each item in the cart 
  • Free shipping after a certain amount in the cart
  • Charge percentage based on the total cart value  

if you are following our articles we have installed the Woo-Commerce plugin and added the products to the woo-commerce site. now it’s time to set the shipping details of your e-commerce store and in this blog, I will show you how to set up the shipping methods for your Woo-Commerce site for the above five shipping conditions…

To start, you first click on the Settings option on the WordPress dashboard select the shipping option then you will be redirected to the shipping zones page. This is the page where you need to set up various shipping zones through which you can differentiate the shipping rates based on the location. you will see all the options below.

Flat rate shipping

Flat rate shipping is simple shipping if you are selling the same kind of products from your e-commerce store then flat rate shipping will be the best option for you. In flat rate shipping, you decide a certain price that might cost you for shipping any product from your store. Therefore you can apply a universal price for it. 

for setting the flat rate shipping, click on the add shipping zone from the shipping page.  Enter the zone for example India and also zone regions as India because whoever orders from India this rate will be applied .now click on the add shipping method you can see a popup box and select the flat rate and click on “add shipping method” 

We have added the flat rate but we didn’t mention how much amount needs to be deducted from the customer so click on the “edit” below flat rate and enter the amount in the “cost section” then click on the “save changes”. It is a kind of universal method by which every product will get applied with the same delivery charge.

for example, if I order the earphone of 500 rupees from your e-commerce site then in case if you added 99 rupees as a flat rate so I will be charged 599 rupees excluding the GST amount. The single flat rate shipping is easy to set up but it is always better to set up the multiple flat shipping rates.

Different flat rates based on delivery locations

consider your store is located in one state and the customer is ordering from another state, then you charge him extra for the shipping cost. For that, use different flat rates based on the delivery location. You cannot apply single flat rate shipping because it is obvious that the same state will cost less for delivery and more for other states. so it is better to add the different flat rates.

In this case, we are setting up the new shipping zone as you can’t set the single flat-rate amount for the customer far away from your store location and near to your location. so in this one, you can add another shipping zone for the customers who are ordering within your state and keeping the minimum delivery charge as your wish. To start, click the add shipping zone and enter your state, and in the shipping method select the flat rate and set it to the desired charges and similarly create the new zones like this. you can create multiple shipping zones according to your need like given below. shipping zones

Flat rates shipping for each item in the cart

In the Flat rates shipping for each item in the cart, if a customer is ordering more than one product then you have to apply separate shipping charges for each product. otherwise, keeping one flat shipping rate may cause loss to your store because customers may order in bulk and shipping, it also involves packaging for all the items.so, choose your option accordingly.

For applying the flat rate shipping for each item in the cart, click on the “edit” option under the “zone name” option and go to the flat-rate field  which is located under the “shipping methods” field, and click on “edit” and change cost with the formula stated below 

[qty] * (your charge for shipping each item) 

I have selected 20 rupees for each of my items, so I have entered [qty]*20 you can add according to your need and click on “save changes”.

Free shipping after a certain amount in the cart

many e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, myntra, etc., gives free shipping option for your product if the cart value exceeds a certain amount like above 500 rupees. so you can also set some minimum cart amount for your store after which you can offer free delivery to your customers.

for applying the free shipping after a certain amount in the cart, for example, I am selecting the Telangana shipping zones and click on edit below the Telangana zone in the shipping methods and click on the add shipping method in that select the free shipping and click on  “add shipping method” select shipping method as “free shipping” and click edit below “free shipping” option and select the “minimum order amount” in next field and the set the minimum order amount according to your need and click “save changes”

Charge percentage based on the total cart value

By this, you can Charge a percentage based on the total cart value. Doesn’t matter how many may be the cart items, you can just take the percentage amount of the cart. for example, if any customer orders the orange juice of 200 rupees from your store and if you set the 10% as shipping charge then his cart will show 220 rupees.

The extra 20 rupees as shipping charges. you will get a clear understanding from below, for example,  select the Telangana shipping zones and click on edit below the Telangana zone under the “shipping methods” and click on “edit” below the “flat rates” in the “shipping methods” and then enter the below short-code in the “cost” of flat-rate settings. You can adjust as per your needs 

[fee percent= “10” min_fee=”20” max_fee=” ” ]

 above short-code will help to Charge percentage based on the total cart value. You can also copy it and you can set the required min fee and max fee because if the cart includes more than 10 items and the cart value goes above 10,000 rupees, you can’t charge 10% of the cart value cause of the shipping cost will then be 1000 rupees. Therefore it is not good. so you should not charge more and keep the max and min limit and disable the free shipping if it’s active in the shipping method.

After the shipping zones, you must set up your shipping settings properly as you can see in the below image. under the “shipping” tab itself, select “shipping options”. Under calculations, enable the shipping calculator on the cart page, and in the shipping destination it is better to set it to default to the customer shipping address and if you want you can enable debug mode and click on “save changes”

For shipping delicate products

Usually, all the items can be packed and shipped as per the common flat or different rates but some products need to be packed differently or carefully. Delicate products such as glass products need some extra care which means good packaging and shipping which in turn means extra cost so you have to create the new class and assign the products into the “glass class” and charge extra for that particular product. 

First, go to the shipping class and click on the add shipping class where you can see the shipping class, slug, and description. you can enter the glass items for the class and slag and enter the description as per your understanding and click save shipping class

Now go to the shipping zones and click on “edit” below the shipping zone and click edit below the flat rate of the shipping method. you see the newly added class (glass items) where you can enter the cost which is connected with this particular class and you can select the calculation type as per your need and click on “save”

Now it’s time to tell the Woo-Commerce which products come under this class and we have to apply the class to the items which you want to add to this delicate type.

So first you need to go to the WordPress dashboard and click on products and select the product which you want to add to the class. Click on the “shipping” and then you can see the shipping class dropdown and click on it then you can select the class you want to assign.  Click on “update” and you can do it for multiple products as well.

I hope that the article was useful and if you have any queries then please feel free to reach out to us at support@gwizacademy.com




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