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Setting up woocommerce’s settings is an important task in order to make your woocommerce store work efficiently.

Hi guys, If you are following our articles then you know that we have installed the WooCommerce plugin and added the products to the WooCommerce site.

woocommerce settings

Now it’s time to set the details of your e-commerce store and in this blog to start, you have to first click on the Settings button under the Woo-Commerce option on the WordPress dashboard. After clicking you will be redirected to the Woo-Commerce setting page in which you can see the

  • General
  • products 
  • shipping 
  • payments 
  • Account and privacy 
  • emails
  • integration
  • Advanced 

The first one is General where you can set the store details like address lines 1 and 2, City in which your store is located. Country and state and postal code of your city.

In the General options, you can set the selling locations by which you can select for which countries you want to sell your products. the Woo-Commerce gives options to select the specific or exclude the countries by just choosing as you like just by clicking the dropdown icon and also set the shipping location based on the service partner of yours in the respective countries. you will learn more about it in upcoming blogs.

Also, select the Default customer location by which you can access the customer’s location either by shop base address or geolocation as per your convenience, and don’t forget to select or check the enable tax rates and calculations and enable the coupon codes.

And at the bottom, you can see the currency options. In this, you can set the currency in which you want to sell and also set where the currency icon has to appear and other options like thousand, decimal separator, or any specific characters you want to use and click save changes to complete the process of filling the details.


After the ‘general’, go to the advanced option which is at the right end, and click on it. You will be redirected to the page setup options in which you will see the cart page, checkout page, My account page, and Terms and condition page. It’s important to check that the options have been linked to their respective pages. For example, the cart page option must be linked to the cart page which is created by the woo-commerce plugin, and then once checks the checkout endpoints and click on the save changes to complete the advanced settings of the product.

The products option allows you to add the details of the product and shop details, There are three options right below that are General, Inventory, and Downloadable products.

In the general settings, you have to select the shop page from the dropdown icon of the shop page then from the add to cart behavior do not select the redirecting to the cart page after successful addition which will reduce the user experience and you can also add the placeholder image it will help if the image of any product is missing or gets deleted. you just need to add the URL of the uploaded media image.

You can enter the measurement standard according to how your country follows it. In India, we follow SI metric system and I am going with Kilograms and in the Reviews, you can select reviews that can only be given by verified owners by doing this only customers who have already purchased products from your site can write reviews. It is your wish to enable or disable it. You can also set the product ratings and click on the save changes to complete the product-related settings.

In the Inventory, you can monitor the stock. In this, you have to always enable the stock management and set the Hold stock for a minimum of 60 minutes.  You can set it as per your need. consider that a customer added to his cart and proceeded and didn’t make any payment if he fails to make payment within the 60 min the product will be added to the stock. And you can also set the stock notification to your Email id. It might be low stock or out of stock notification and also set the low stock and out of stock threshold so that to set at what quantity you will get reminded.

You can show or hide the out-of-stock items in your store by just enabling the out-of-stock visibility. It is better to uncheck the box and you can set the ‘stock display format’ according to your stock availability and just hit the “save changes” button to complete the inventory management settings. 

For the downloadable products, you can restrict the users from choosing the setting options, and click the checkbox  ‘download can be done by the login users’ and grant access to the downloadable products after payment and set the file download method as per your convenience. you can also go for force downloads and click the “save changes”

for setting the account and privacy, click on the” accounts and privacy” and you can see the guest checkout, account creation, account ensure request, personal data removal, and privacy policy settings.

The customer has to log in to your site to place an order. so select the ‘allow customers to log in to an existing account during checkout’ in the guest checkout and in the account creation ‘allow the customers to create an during the checkout’ and on my account page also and uncheck the option ‘when creating an account, automatically generate an account password”.

check the account erasure request to personal data removal as per your customer need so that they can have complete control over their data and also you can see the privacy policy which is a short code of the privacy policy page and at last you can decide the personal data retention depends on your company profile and click on the “save changes” to complete the privacy policy settings. You will see the remaining shipping, taxes, and payments in the following blogs.

you can also learn to set taxes and shipping zones from our others blogs.

I hope now you can easily set the settings of your woocommerce store. and if you still have any doubts please feel free to ping us at support@gwizacademy.com


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