Easy way to increase Max File Upload Limits in your cpanel

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You might have come across the error while uploading any file into your Cpanel which is your max file upload limit. by following my blog you can understand all the details regarding uploading any files to the Cpanel and also you can increase your max file upload limit and  execution time also if you are having a bad network

There are 3 ways we can increase the max file upload limit 

  • Via Cpanel
  • Via htaccess file
  • If WordPress (via wp-config.php)

Out of the 3 methods mentioned below the first method is the safest and easiest method compared to the other two which can be done by just using Cpanel settings other 2 have to be adjusted by coding

For demonstration purposes, I am working on my demo WordPress website which has built on the elementor plugin for importing. I am using an all-in-one migration plugin. You can see at the bottom it is showing a maximum upload file of 50MB but my file is 120MB. What Would you do in these cases?  I would suggest the first example

By cpanel step in which first you have to log in to Cpanel and search for MultiPhp INI editor click on it to enter and select your domain name then click apply and you will get all the settings related to files to change and make changes you can see

  • Max_file_size
  • Post_max_size
  • Memory_limit
  • Max_execution_time
  • max_input_time

If you are uploading the size of 300MB then You can keep upload_max_size tt 500MB and Remember whatever the value you are entering in upload max size is also entered equal value tp post_max_size as 500MB and memory_limit must be more than these two valuesmax file upload

If you still have any doubts then please feel free to mail us at support@gwizacademy.com


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