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woocommerce plugin is the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution. It has been designed for small as well as large-sized online merchants using wordpress.

Hello everyone, do you know that WordPress is known for its awesome user interface to create a beautiful website of our own that too quickly and professionally. If you love WordPress then I am sure that you will love the WooCommerce plugin as well by which you can build your E-Commerce sites. To get started, you just need to install the plugin. In this blog you will learn about:

Install and activate the Woocommerce plugin

  • Mandatory as this plugin  will be used to enable all the e-commerce functionality of your website ( add to cart, Products, Check out, etc.)

Install and activate Free Template (optional)

  • We can create a custom Front end anytime, and installing the front-end template will help us get started quickly and save time. we can customize the looks and design later as well.

First, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard if you don’t know how to login into your WordPress website then just enter your domain/wp-admin in the URL bar and hit enter and fill in the username and password then click on login. Now you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard and click on the Plugins option which is at the left-hand sidebar. After clicking, you will see the below image of what plugins you have- some pre-installed plugins and some default plugins.

If you click on  Add New button at the top, you can install any theme and redirect to the plugins page in which can find thousands of plugins as per your requirements.  Just type the plugin name and you will get the desired plugin. now,  just enter Woocommerce plugin in the search bar and you will see the below image. Also, check if it is from the Automatic and click on the install button, and just activate it.

woocommerce plugin

One of the best features of the WooCommerce plugin is that After the installation, you can find all the basic and standard woocommerce plugin functionalities that will be installed like add to cart, adding categories, check out Pages, my account dashboard, etc. under one woocommerce plugin have been added automatically which in turn saves a lot of time of yours. Then it will be redirected to the ‘welcome to Woo-Commerce page’ in which you can fill all the store details such as location, what type of the product you are selling, and business details such as is it a physical product or downloadable.

apart from that, you can also go for paid services such as subscription, membership, booking type, etc. Also, you can fill it or otherwise skip it and you can fill it in later.

After filling in all the details and setting the theme which is suitable to your requirement, you can see a whole lot of options will appear at the left sidebar. don’t panic..! because it will help you to set up your dream store. you can check all the pages once and you can find the functionalities but not the products and design. To ease up the process Astra offers an awesome plugin called simple template. you have to install this plugin to your dashboard by following the same process of installing the Woo-Commerce plugin.

After installing the simple template plugin, just click on the plugin option and go to see library which is below the simple template and you will see four-page builders as you can see below image, I would like to suggest Elementor which is one of the best page builders and after clicking on the elementor you get a whole lot of pre-built templates, under which there are free and paid versions both.

 now it’s time to select the desired template and you can see Import complete site. By clicking it, you can import the complete site(all the pages)  and import work with my template with it you can import the single pages such as ‘homepage’, ‘about page’ etc. after choosing the import complete site, if you want to erase the previous data then select the Delete Previously imported site and click import it will proceed.

Why are we installing the Template? Will 90% of my work be done by just installing a template?

The template is just a design of your website in which users see colors, images, and sections, mostly templates are only meant for this only. Setting up an e-commerce site involves much more than just colors, images, and sections.

We are using templates to save time and invest our time more on functionalities and configuration of e-commerce rather than mere looks. You can later change and customize looks or color images once the site features are completely ready anytime in the future, and below you can see the image of the fully installed e-commerce site in which you have to change the products and content according to your business requirements and Best of luck for your future business.

i hope you found this article helpful. please feel free to reach out to us in case of doubts ar support@gmail.com.


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