Use File Manager in cpanel to add, edit & delete files in 1 awe-inspiring way

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Cpanel File manager is the easiest way to quickly manage your files within the Cpanel interface on web hosting servers. it’s extremely easy to use you can perform many tasks with it like

  • Upload/download files
  • Create Files and folders 
  • Edit (codes/text online)
  • Compress and decompress files online
  • Move/Deleter files Permanently
  • Trash and recovery it later easily 

File Manager in cpanel

For the demonstration I am using my agency website “” you can use your domain name just add “https://yourdomain/cpenal” then enter your credentials then hit enter congrats!! Now you are in the cPanel

file manager


In the Cpanel you can see all your features on that at the top you can see the File manager at the top of the table if you not found then just type the File manager in the search bar after clicking you will be redirected to the Below folder where you can see all the Files and Folder which also Known as Public Folder Where your website is Hosted 

1.Create Folder and Files

To create a new folder just click on the +Folder menu in the top bar then you will find a popup box for example I have created “testingfilemanger” then click on the create New folder button and a new folder is created and double click to see the files init


And to create the files just click on the +File which is right next to the +Folder Button and don’t forgot to add an extension to your file  for example I have created “testfile.html” file  



To download any file and folder just select the file and there you can see the Download button on the top bar just Right-click on and your file will get download

And to Upload click on the Upload button, you will be redirected to another page where you can see the Select file button then it will give access to your Desktop so that you can upload the files or images  



If the bar turns Green then your file got Uploaded successfully you can upload multiple images files at a time and once all the uploading completed then click on the Go back to Home button which is at the bottom  


3.Edit/Code Online

To edit code online just Right-click on the file you want to edit if it is a text file click on the Edit else it is HTML code then click on the HTML Edit than 

 For the other then Html page you can click on the edit which allows you to edit the code online as you can see in the image after right-clicking on the Edit then you will be redirected to another page 

4.Delete and Trash

To delete any file select any file and right-click on the file and delete and click the button then you will get a popup box with a Check box it will ask to skip for Trash and Permanently Delete the files if you click then it will permanently get deleted if not then you can restore the files on clicking View Trash Button 


5.Move Files 

If you want to move files from one file from one folder to another folder then you have to observe the Home Icon the search bar shows the folder structure and you can know which folder or file in are you

For example, if you want to move “testfile.html” select the file and right-click on it, and click on the Move button then it will ask for which path want to choose 

After that you will get a popup box on which you can give folder location by changing it to your required location then click on the move files button that’s can cross-check your directory for it

I hope that this article was interesting and helpful for you. if you still have any doubts then please feel free to mail us your doubts at


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