How to access Woocommerce course for free and get Certified in simple way

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Learn a trending and extraordinary woocommerce course for free with the comfort of sitting at home and also get certified for it. isn’t it something incredible?

Hi everyone, In this blog, let’s see how you can learn Woo-commerce for free and also get certified for it.

To let you know, woo-commerce is an open-source plugin that can be used to build various small as well as large e-commerce websites for your client as well as for yourselves on WordPress. so, what are you waiting for? complete reading the blog to know how to access the course and start learning from the course.

also if you haven’t signed up at GWiz academy then please do so to access our free courses. here’s a quick link to know how to sign up.

Access woocommerce course for Free

On the GWiz Academy’s home page scroll down till you find a section with the name “Free courses | learn & grow”. In that section, click on the course named “woo commerce, E-commerce store administration. the complete course for beginners 2021” as shown in the image below.

Upon clicking on the course, you will be directed to a new page where you have to click on the “Free” option as shown in the image below.

If you haven’t signed up on GWiz academy before, then you will see a pop-up screen where you will have to enter your details and click on “create new account”. if you have already signed up then click on “log into existing account” and then click on “login”. and then you can click on “start” to begin learning from the course.

Important Note

After accessing the online courses, you can start with the contents. but make sure that you click on “complete and continue” after completing each content including the “know your instructor” section as shown in the image below. upon Failing to do so after each content, you won’t be able to claim your certificate.

Claim your Certificate

After completing all the contents of the course, you may click on the “certificate” option as shown below.

Once you click on the “certificate” option, a window like shown below will open. Click on “here” and your certificate will be downloaded automatically.


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