How to add Menus & Submenus in WordPress

How to add Menus & Submenus in WordPress in Details?

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Learn to create or add, edit and delete menus and submenus in the header to your wordpress website in a detailed way.  Adding menus to your website helps in navigating throughout the website in an easy way.

Hi everyone, any website you may visit has the menus and submenus which are placed in the header section so that they help us to navigate to the different pages or posts sections.  In this blog, you will get to learn how to add, edit, delete the menus and submenus in WordPress. 

Add, edit and delete Menus and submenus in wordpress

To add menus, First, you need to log in to the WordPress dashboard. If you don’t know how to login into your WordPress website then just enter your domain/wp-admin in the URL bar and hit enter and fill in the username and password then click on the sign-in button. Now you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard then hover on the Appearance and click on the menus and you will be redirected to the menus page.  If you have already login into your page then hover on the My Blog button in the dropdown. Click the last option Menus then you will be redirected to the menus page.

As in the below image you can the complete menu setting. if you want to add the menus then just select the pages on the right-hand side and click Add to menu then it will get added to the main menu. you can also change the position of the pages just by drag and dropping and for creating the submenus is also the same and some space is allocated for it and doesn’t forget to press the save menu.

Also, remember by which name you are creating. As you can see in the below image like this you can create the menus and sub-menus. Other than pages there are posts, custom links, categories, and woocommerce endpoints at the right sidebar you can also add them as per your need.



To create the custom links, just click on the custom links dropdown and you will see the 2 options-URL and link text. for a demonstration, I am filling the URL and in the text, I am typing go to google and click add to the menu then it will add to the main menu and don’t forget to save the menu as you see in the image below.

menus wordpress

You can see the “go to google” menu and just by clicking on it you will be redirected to so this is how you can play with the links and be creative…!

i hope you found this blog useful. if you have any doubts then please feel free to mail us at



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