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Confidence is definitely a key to be a better web developer and to become a confident web developer there are many aspects by which one can improve their confidence level.

confident web developer


Hi everyone, in this blog, let’s see how  one can build confidence and grab more opportunities that come in their way we will learn about aspects like self-awareness, practice, and techniques that will help you to become a confident web developer

Aspects to focus on, to become a confident web developer


In order to be confident as a web developer one has to be aware of their skills and be confident about them. there might be few points in which you might underestimate yourself and that would result in a lack of confidence. so an honest and free-from-fear analysis of your skills will definitely give you clarity and increase your confidence. and now that you know where exactly you lack, it’s time to improve that area of your skills/domain, and don’t forget to be proud of the skills you already know.

and if you feel like you don’t deserve the success of your last project or something like this then do check out our blog on how to knock out the imposter syndrome.


you might be aware of the proverb “practice makes a man perfect”, similarly practice applied to any skill makes that skill perfect and the person to be more confident than before. and please know that just the skills where you lack don’t need the practice but also the skills you are already aware of to be practiced so that it builds confidence and expiates for the skills you lack in.

one more and the best way of practicing the skills you are already aware of is by teaching others. by teaching, you are not just improving yourself but also helping the other one with his/her skills.


with a technique I mean you should know what works better for you. what is that 1 way that will help you not getting over-whelmed and work out in your favor when working on a project? for example, micro-tasking might help you stay confident. micro-tasking in the sense of dividing the work into micro parts and taking 1 part at a time.

this way by micro-tasking you will be able to cross  1 hurdle at a time and maintain your confidence. this way one has to figure out what kind of approach towards work increases their confidence and what practice decreases it.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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