Create and Manage Email Accounts in cPanel in 1 quick and best way

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Whether you may be a web developer or client you must know how to create and manage email accounts we provide you the easiest way to create and manage email account from cPanel, Before creating the e-mail accounts just once cross-check the Statistics which will be on the left-hand sidebar which will show How many E-mail Accounts you can create how many are done which will be provided by your Hosting Provider

Create an email account in cpanel

For creating the e-mail account first type the email accounts on the search bar then click on it you will all the email accounts in the Cpanel  to create the e-mail account just click on the +create button than you will be redirected to the new page 

For example, I would like to create the 2 email accounts


email account

To create a new email account you have to fill the 

  • Username
  • Password
  • Storage space

For creating the username I don’t have to type just Rakesh is enough will be the default and for storage space, it will ask for a particular space Like 250MB or you can select unlimited After clicking create your both accounts got created and as you can see below image

And you can also edit the e-mail accounts by clicking on the MANAGE it will redirect to another page and make and click the Update email settings buttons


Webmail Access

Now you have created the e-mail accounts but how can you access them?  To login to your created account just enter the “/webmail” at the end of your URL as I have shown in the image Just add “/webmail” after your domain name (e.g yourdomain/webmail) and hit enter and you will be redirected to the webmail page in which you enter your credentials (username and password) and click sign in congrats you have entered into the email account successfully.


After creating the account check the statistics by login into your cPanel. then you will see the updated e-mail accounts so that you can easily access as many as possible..!

if you still have any doubts then


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