How to create MySQL Databases & Users in cpanel

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Data is the new king in the world so you have to manage your data efficiently. In this blog, I am going to show you how can create MySQL Databases and users in the Cpanel. so I am going to explain everything you needed in simple steps and in one Go.. so working with MySQL Database in Cpanel you may come across these questions

  • How to create a new Database?
  • How to create a new Db User?
  • Assign users for the created Database?
  • How to update user Privileges for a Db?

About MySQL database

First, you need to login to the Cpanel and then search for Database in that select the MySQL Database wizard or type MySQL in the search bar which is at the top you may come actress 3 results then select the MySQL Database wizard and click on it after it will redirect to the step 1 That creates a Database for a democratism I am Entering the tutorials and Hit the next step button for the next step

After clicking the next you will redirect to step 2 create Database users I which you have to fill the (Username, password, confirm password) for the Domo I have entered the youtube you can choose as you like and also password then click on the create user button now you have created the user 

mysql database

Step 3 adds a user to the database it is  all about the user privileges here you can select what access you want to give to your user or if you select all privileges it will give admin access to the user or you can select individually 


That is now you in Step 4 if you have seen the green tick then you have completed all tasks that are you have created new DB, new user, assigned user privileges, and connected user to the database  

You can check whether the database is created in Cpanel and by clicking on the MySQL Databases option and scroll down and there will be the list of databases so check which one is a recent one for the demo I am showing my DB you can edit the database like delete, rename from here 

To check the entries and how much work has been done in MySQL DB then search PHP my admin and click on it to enter and you will be directed to PHPMyAdmin dashboard and click on the + symbol on the right side and select the name of the database which you have created. If you found them Congrats…!!

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