Install WordPress via bitnami in 1 easy way

How to install WordPress in your PC?

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Now you can practice and explore wordpress without purchasing a domain by using Bitnami WordPress. To know how please read the following blog carefully.

Install Bitnami wordpress

I know that there are a lot of people who want to explore WordPress but many beginners without purchasing the domain and want to practice on their local computer. so there is bitnami WordPress. It will help you to install WordPress. Just open your browser and type bitnami WordPress.  Click on the first link and you can see the below image. here’s a quick link to the bitnami website.


For installing WordPress scroll down and you will see three options for windows, mac, and Linux users. Select based on the system specification and after clicking wait for some time to complete downloading. After that go to your downloads of your PC, select the Bitnami files and open it. Select the language and make sure to select the phpMyadmin because this is where all your data is stored and click “next” then you will be redirected to the create admin account. Make sure to fill in all the details (your name, Email address, login, password and confirm password) and remember them because these credentials are used for sign in to your WordPress website.

After that fill in the blog name and hit next to all the settings then you will see the bitnami installation process. After the complete installation hit the finish button. if you see the below image then you have successfully installed it. Just click on the access WordPress button to see the page. you can also check by entering localhost in the URL bar then you can just log in to your WordPress account. If you don’t know how to login into your WordPress website then just enter your domain/wp-admin in the URL bar and hit enter and fill the username and password then click on the sign-in button. Now, you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard.

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