how to Install WordPress Themes – 1 quick way

How to Install WordPress Themes for Beginners?

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Do you know that wordpress  Themes are like the backbone of any WordPress website? let me tell you why. It might be blogs, woo-commerce, or business websites. There are thousands of themes available some of them are free and some are paid versions. You can check “ThemeForest” for the best themes for your need or you can simply choose from many themes in the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress themes

To start exploring wordpress themes, you must sign in to your WordPress dashboard and you will see the Appearance button. Upon hovering that, you will see the themes and click on it to enter and you will see the default themes in it which you can keep or delete and keep one theme for your backup in case if your main theme goes into any problem. 

So, I personally recommend you to install the Astra theme which is a 5 star rated theme and has more than a million active user’s base. so install the theme and click on the Add theme button then it will redirect you to the theme section.

So here you can type your theme name you can also filter search result you can there is an Upload theme button at the top you can just upload the theme if you have downloaded or purchased the themes so to choose Astra theme just type Astra in the search bar you will see the result and click install once it installed you need to activate it.

wordpress themes

You can see the page after installing the Astra theme. Also, you can see the clear spacing and clean header-footer sections and sidebar. you can explore more themes just by following the same steps. Be innovative.

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