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To become a wordpress web developer, it takes 3-6 months but to master WordPress web development, completely depends on an individual’s interest and dedicated time towards it.

Hello everyone,  In this article, we will see how one can master WordPress web development through few day-day practices. learning WordPress development is difficult in part because it’s not one thing. Rather, it’s a range of competencies, each of which is needed to different degrees on different projects. so let’s see how to manage between these competencies.

Few practices to master WordPress web development

There are few practices when included in day-day development work, which leads you to the road of mastering.

Got started vs kept going

It’s easier to get started with WordPress web development through creating 1 good project and getting hired but as you keep going you will have to take up new projects which might differ from the previous project which you have done. for example, you might have used some tools or technologies on the old project but the new project requires some other new tools and technologies to be used. so this is the phase you should use to add new skills and to increase your knowledge. if in this scenario you step back and don’t improve yourself, you are going to stay at the same place forever.

It might be hard at the beginning to keep improving yourself but trust me it’s going to pay you tremendously in the long run.

Single medium vs multiple mediums

In the journey to master WordPress web development, you cannot restrict yourself to one medium. I understand that you might like just watching when learning or you might like just reading blogs for the knowledge but everything isn’t available through 1 medium itself. so the act of exploring multiple mediums will definitely fetch you both quantity and quality of information.

Knowledge-gaining vs Practicing

Learners often watch or read about certain concepts or technology and are satisfied thinking it’s enough for the improvement but let me tell you, knowing something and practically implementing something is two different cases and just knowing will not contribute enough in the journey of mastering. one has to implement what has been learned so that they are aware of all the hurdles that come up in implementing and knows how to cross those hurdle efficiently in the future. Thus making you a master of it.

Copy vs Original

Assuming that the person has started implementing what’s being learned via various mediums but implementing the same whats shown or given is still only 50% of the knowledge gain. To completely understand how some things work you need to make your own stuff. for example, you are stuck at a particular code and you google about it and find the required lines of code. so you just copy-paste it to make things work for you for the moment but this learning will not help you in the long run if you don’t use that code in some other project of yours without using google again. so learn from google but implement on your own.

points to know

  1. It takes time and effort to master anything, so don’t expect to master quickly. because if you do so you will either end up using short-cuts which is not beneficial in long run or start being too hard on yourself which will eventually lead you to be disinterested.
  2. You don’t have to remember how exactly the thing should work but knowing if that thing is possible is enough for you to hold the position as a master.
  3. master fundamentals of 1 thing first, then jump onto the other. if not done this way you might end up being average with knowledge about many things.

I hope you found this article interesting and motivating.

Do let me know in the comments section below if you know of any other practice which can contribute towards mastering wordpress web development.

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