Install WordPress in Subdomains inside cpanel in 1 efficient way

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Install wordpress in subdomains

you can now install wordpress in subdomain in your cpanel account in literally efficient and easier way then you have tried before . we have created 4 sub domains and also uploaded the static site under the sub domain. In this blog we will upload WordPress under the board subdomain. To start, first you need to login into your Cpanel account and scroll to the bottom you will find the Softaculous App installer in which you will find at the first click on it see the space available it is 45MB than click on install now.

Here you can find under software setup, select the current version (stable version) right now 5.5 is the stable version and also choose frontlist of sub domains to select the sub domains which you want to choose(Choose installation URL- which is beside https:// 

In site setting, name to fill the site name and site description. if admin email has changed to a subdomain then change to the domain and click on INSTALL


If you got this page on your screen then We have successfully installed WordPress, and Be Creative…!

if you still have any doubts then please feel free to mail us at


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