Easy Method to accept Payments via Razorpay in Woocommerce Store

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Numerous payment options for your customers are always beneficial and the Razorpay option in woocommerce is a well-known payment gateway throughout the world.

hello everyone, do you know what is the most important step when you are about to set up the e-commerce store? The most important step is to set up the payment options for your customers. There are many options like cash on delivery, payment gateways, credit and debit cards, and Razorpay is among the most well-known payment gateway integration throughout the world. So, In this article, we will see how to integrate Razorpay into your woo-commerce store so that customer can purchase their products and make payments via their Razorpay account.

If you are following my blogs then you already know how you can integrate PayPal payment gateway into your Woo-commerce store but it is always better to add multiple payment gateways for customer’s convenience and show how flexible your site is.

The problem with  PayPal is that you can only pay via debit or credit card and you cannot accept payments from Net banking /UPI. Thus, the Razorpay option comes to your rescue and now we will learn how to integrate Razorpay into your Woo-commerce store.

Razorpay plugin Installation

First, you need to login into your WordPress dashboard and install the plugin named “Razorpay for woo-commerce”. Before installing and activating, make sure that the plugin is by “team Razorpay”. and after that go to the settings under the woo-commerce option and click on the payments. you can see that the Razorpay option is listed as shown in the image below and make sure you enable it.

Click on the Manage beside the Razorpay option and you will be redirected to the settings where The Key ID and Key secret of yours are to be entered, which you need to get from the Razorpay account. if you have not created your razor pay account then don’t worry, You can create one by just going to their official site ( https://razorpay.com ).

Creating Razorpay account

Creating the account is free and takes very little time. log in to the dashboard of the Razorpay account then go to settings and click the API keys option, where you can generate your keys. if you have already generated your key previously then you have to click on the Regenerate Live key. There will be a two-step verification for that and you will get an OTP to verify it. Make sure to Deactivate the old key and you will see the new keys as shown in the image below. make sure you are on live mode while creating the keys and not on Test mode.

if you stay in the test mode then you can’t process the payments. After that, you can just copy the key id and the secret key or you can also download them.

Then just go to the Razorpay payment gateway settings under woo-commerce and enter these key IDs and key secret. you can also add your title and description as per your need and click on save changes to finish the integration process.

And now you have just added the Razorpay payment gateway like you can see below on the checkout page. now you can accept payments by cards, net banking, UPI, and wallet for any product. Finally, customers will have more options to make the payment resulting in a way for you to generate more revenue from your store.

isn’t it an easy way to accept payments via Razorpay?

if you still have any doubts then please feel free and reach out to us at support@gwizacademy.com



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