Learn how to Sell Affiliate Products on Woo-Commerce Store

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There are different-different types of products that you can sell on your woocommerce store like simple products, variable products, affiliate products, etc and affiliate product is something which you sell through other’s stores.

Hello everyone, If you have been following our articles then you might know that we have installed the Woo-Commerce plugin and a premade template and now it’s time to add the products to your Woo-Commerce site. so, in this article, I will show you to sell affiliate products on your Woo-Commerce site.

In our last articles we have seen the adding of a simple product, variable product, the grouped product now it’s time to add the affiliate products. Before starting if you are confused about the affiliate products, then imagine that you are running an e-commerce store. if a customer visits your site and clicks on the product for purchasing then he will be redirected to another website. 

Adding affiliate products

For demonstration, I have added the Samsung Galaxy M51 mobile phone to my e-commerce store as an affiliate product and its price has been displayed along with description and reviews. If you may have noticed, there is no add to cart button instead of it, it has get it on amazon.

If a visitor comes to my site and tries to purchase it and clicks on the “get it on amazon”  then he will be redirected to the Amazon website from where he can purchase the product.

To add the product to my site I have registered as an affiliate member. once you successfully log in as an affiliate member, you can see the white stripe bar at the top and to sell the product affiliate link is most important. you can get an affiliate link from amazon’s website by clicking on the text which is below the “get link” on the white stripe bar. You will see the URL link. Just copy that link adds it to your site. this is how you can get the affiliate link and you can also register to any other e-commerce site as an affiliate member.

To generate the affiliate product, you first need to login to your WordPress dashboard and in the right sidebar just hover your mouse on the Products option and click on the All Products than you will be redirected to the Products page and in this, you will find all the products which you have previously added, and also see its stock, category and related product tags, etc. If you haven’t installed the themes you won’t see all the products. if so then click on the Add New.

To add the new products First you need to add the Title of the new product and below that add the product brief description. now in the product data, you can see the four types of products simple product, grouped product, affiliate products, and variable products just select the Affiliate product and you will see the 

  • Product URL
  • Button text
  • Regular price
  • Sale price

Now fill the product URL with the affiliate link which you have copied from amazon. you can also fill it in if you are registered from another website and add the button text as buy from amazon and add the regular and sale price as in the original site and set the product image and product gallery to view it with different angles and click publish to finish the process, You can add different products to your e-commerce site just by following these steps.

affiliate products

To know about adding other types of products, please read the following articles- simple products, grouped products, and variable products.

I hope you found this blog helpful and if you still have any doubts then please reach out to us at support@gwizacademy.com


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