Setup 301 & 302 URL Redirections within cpanel – 2 simple and easy ways

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let’s see how you can tackle error 404 using URL redirection. I know a lot of you faced technical 404 error it might be file got deleted or under process, you can’t disappoint with an error page so it will be best to redirecting the page  Here we can see the page redirection by using the Cpanel 

URL redirection

For the demonstration, I am using a blog Post of my website imagine if it is accidentally got deleted I also don’t want to show a 404 error page I will Redirect it to my Contact us page so that my Consumers will not get disappointed using the URL redirection method.



To make it happen I have to sign in to my Cpanel account then click on the Redirects menu if you don’t find it then type on the search bar then click on it you will see

  • Type  (permanent 301 or temporary 302)
  • https?.//(www.)? – (domains available in Cpanel account)
  • /  –  (enter the which URL want to Redirect-)
  • Redirects to– (enter where you want to Redirect)


After filling in all the details just click add and you will get a green alert bar than you have done the changes successfully you can check by taking the URL and comment your opinion

url redirection


If you have selected the 301 then it is a permanent one all the files and SEO will be redirected to it and it will take 30min to change and on the other hand, 302 is a temporary change in which redirection will happen quickly and SEO changes won’t happen

What if URL Redirection doesn’t work?

 If the redirection is not working then place the go the File Manager and find the htaccess file click the edit button you can find the code than in online editor in which you can edit and copy all code between #BEGIN WordPress and till #END WordPress and Paste it Below all code (rewrite Code generated by Cpenal)only do it if redirection doesn’t work ads you can see in the below image


I hope this blog was helpful for you. if you have any doubts then please feel free to mail us at


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