simple way to add simple Products to your Woo-Commerce site

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Learn how to add simple products to your woo-commerce store in a simple and understandable way. simple products are products that do not have variations or any affiliations with them.

Hi everyone, if you have been following our articles then you know that we have installed the Woo-Commerce plugin and premade template. now it’s time to add the products to your Woo-Commerce site so in this article I will show you how to add simple products to your Woo-Commerce site.

Add Simple Products

first, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and in the left sidebar. And just hover your mouse on the Products option and click on the All Products. Then you will be redirected to the Products page. so, under this you will find all the products which you have previously added, and also see its stock, category and related product tags, etc. if you haven’t installed the themes you won’t see all the products so just click on the Add New to add the new products.

Then you need to add the Title of the new product below that and add the product’s brief description. now in the product data, you can see the four types of products simple product, grouped product, affiliate products, and variable products. Just select the Simple product, and in the General set the Regular price and sale price of your product as you can see in the image below.

simple products

Now, click on the Inventory which is below the General option. You will find SKU in which you can enter the unique product ID and below if you enable the stock management at the product level, you can set the stock quantity of your store like how many products are left and also set the Low stock threshold so that if the stock is Reaches the low limit then you will be will notify and also you can set the shipping and all details and then add the product’s short description that will appear in the archive page for SEO purpose.

In the right sidebar, you can add the product category and Tag which is according to your product type, and set the product image. Always try to add multiple images so that users can view them in all directions. after all the settings you just click the Publish button to complete the process. you can also see the URL(permalink) of the product just below the title of the product where you click on the link to view the product.

You can see below the product image of the uploaded product. Due to the Woo-Commerce plugin and template, you can see all the details of the product have been arranged in the standard design and now you can upload any product by simply following the steps. Be creative.

you can also add grouped products, variable products and affiliated proucts to your woo-commerce store.


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