Upgrade/Downgrade PHP Version from cPanel without errors in 1 simple way

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You might have faced the Php version issues like Upgrading or Downgrading its version you can do it very smoothly with cPenal without any errors Just Follow our steps.

Upgrade or downgrade the Php version

First from your Cpanel account take a backup of your files for safety purpose so that click on the file manager and you will find the  htaccess file which is a very important file for your entire website and for the apache server 

If you are  not able to see the htaccess file then click on the Setting button there will a pop-up box that will show up Preferences and click the checkbox Show Hidden Files than you will be able to see you can download it 

To change the Php version you have to check the version and so in the top search bar click PHP manager and scroll down so you can see which version is your PHP and then to change the version click on the Dropdown Button and Apply to change it to your required version 

php version


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